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I Can Never Teach Him Why

“I can teach a man to sail but I can never teach him why.” — Timothy E. Thatcher, published in “The American Scholar”

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Nix the Castle Idea

We are still actively looking for a building for Lost Art Press that will serve as a woodworking laboratory, a home for a burgeoning library, photo studio and a place to live. I’m investigating properties in the Covington and Newport … Continue reading

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Outsider Art & the Furniture of Necessity

“You can have art in your daily life if you want it, but you don’t. You prefer fountain-pens and motor cars.” — Eric Gill, the creator of the Gill Sans typeface, as quoted in “Country Craftsmen” by Freda Derrick (1945) … Continue reading

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By Request: Details of my Corner Chair

The chair shown here was the first piece of furniture to ever register in my young consciousness. My grandparents had it in their house in New York, and I can remember it clearly when we lived there during my dad’s … Continue reading

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Proof that Schwartz is a Blinking Idiot and Should be Ignored

Look at that moron. He’s obviously holding a Moxon-style saw (see plate 4, the unlabeled saw above the whetting block) and he is using a four-fingered grip. I mean, do you need to see another scrap of evidence that “the … Continue reading

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Our Christmas Gift to You: Practical Geometry

Every year we try to offer our readers a little gift during the holidays. Last year was an mp3 of “The Irish Joiner,” before that was Henry Adams’ rare “Joints in Woodwork.” This year, we offer you lateness. John Hoffman … Continue reading

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Coolest Stickers (Yet) for the Dutch Tool Chest

My little Dutch tool chest has seen a metric crap-load of miles (or kilometers or hogsheads) during the last 12 months. And wherever I take it, I like to pick up a sticker from a local gas station or convenience … Continue reading

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Recommended Tool List for a Union Carpenter, 1970

Reader Tom Haley sent me this fascinating list of tools an apprentice carpenter should obtain circa 1970, with recommended brand names and model numbers. The list was a faded mimeograph that was almost unreadable. Through the power of Photoshop, I … Continue reading

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A Tribute to the Patron of the Hand Tool World

One of the unseen forces in the modern renaissance of hand tool manufacturing is Fred West, a woodworker from West Chester, Pa. Well, to be more precise, you might not know who Fred is, but anyone who makes or sells … Continue reading

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Meet my Abrasive Yellow Buddy

And you thought I was going to make a Wilbur Pan joke. Shame on you. I’m going to unsubscribe to your comments. If you don’t use sanding sponges while finishing, you might want to give them a try. When I … Continue reading

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