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Buy Nails, My Pretties! Buy!

Good nails are hard to find. While I would love to use blacksmith-nails all day and every day, my customers aren’t willing to pay $1.35 per nail. So I use Tremont cut nails, which are about one-fifth the cost of … Continue reading

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Notes on the Lie-Nielsen Honing Guide

For almost two years now, I’ve been using a Lie-Nielsen honing guide to sharpen all my plane and chisel blades. It’s an outstanding little tool and was well worth the long wait for it to come into full production. Unlike … Continue reading

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Chopstick-making Party!

Earlier this year I got to use an early prototype of the Bridge City Tools Chopstick Master during a trip to Portland, Ore. (Read about that here.) After planing out a pair of Japanese-style sticks, Bridge City founder John Economaki … Continue reading

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Mr. Klint and Mr. Jefferson

Both Kaare Klint, the father of Danish Modern furniture, and Thomas Jefferson, the father of awesomeness, had a similar idea about storing books. Put them in individual boxes that suit their sizes. Stack the boxes on top of one another. … Continue reading

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A Quick Guide to Dictum’s ‘Roman’ Nails

Andy, who is studying woodworking in Germany, alerted me to the fact that Dictum also sells the Roman-style nail sold by Objects of Use and Rivierre Nail Factory. These nails are sold under the brand “Sonstige” but appear identical to … Continue reading

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‘Forged’ Forged Nails Available

This post is bound to anger some and delight others. Oh well. I just work here. While in England earlier this month, a student came in with a curious bag of nails that his parents had bought him as a … Continue reading

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Not Too Artistic

“The chair is the closest thing to a person. You can give it personal expression. Obviously, it has been just as important for me to make sensible cabinets. Everything in a house must definitely not be too artistic. One thing … Continue reading

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