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Psst. Want to See Some Curvy French Beauties?

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Sociable Settles

“When you come to think of it, settles were the only form of traditional oak furniture that were not used for dining; they were for resting, conversing and drinking. As such, they were sociable, not hierarchical. Unlike other forms of … Continue reading

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No Way to Run a Railroad

We receive frequent letters from readers who are frustrated with the way we publish books. Our deadlines sometimes slip. Projects that we think will take a year end up taking two or three years. Some projects disappear off the radar … Continue reading

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Coming (Almost Certainly) in 2015: ‘By Hound & Eye’

When Jim Tolpin and George Walker first presented the idea of “By Hand & Eye” to me it was going to be a book filled with big ideas plus exercises that you would perform right in the book itself. After … Continue reading

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Plate No. 1

When reviewing the literature on vernacular furniture since 1500, here is the writers’ universal observation: There is not much scholarship on this furniture. And that is amazing and disappointing. As you might know, I am not a scholar. I don’t … Continue reading

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500 Years is a Decent Run


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You Cannot Design Your Way Out of Your Own Time

“An artist who could not stop himself, (Hans) Wegner was busting with ideas he had to express. Although a functionalist, he was not a rational dogmatist like many of Kaare Klint’s students. His furnishings were always created with the greatest … Continue reading

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