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Mitre Box Manual, a Free Download

I adore my Millers Falls mitre box, and I’ve been bemused by a recent backlash against mitre boxes, which ruled the American worksite and garage during the first half of the 20th century. The argument against a mitre box is … Continue reading

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A Toast to Crappy Craftsmanship

It isn’t often that I’m enthused about poor craftsmanship, but when I’m trying to demolish something, drywall screws and questionable joinery are most welcome. I spent yesterday at our new building with a wrecking bar and a sledge hammer – … Continue reading

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Will the Nudity Ever End?

Mike Siemsen’s “The Naked Woodworker” has inspired thousands of new woodworkers to get off their duffs, buy a basic set of tools and get down to business building sawbenches and a dang-straight workbench. What has been surprising for us at … Continue reading

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Farewell to Carl Bilderback, Mr. Wonderful

My good friend Carl Bilderback passed away tonight after a hard-fought battle with cancer. If you are a member of the Mid-West Tool Collectors Association (M-WTCA), then you almost certainly knew him. (And if you are not a member, then … Continue reading

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Inside Baseball…That is, if Roubo Ever Played Baseball

Many of you have followed the adventures of “To Make As Perfectly As Possible” for years, including the frustrating chaos of our document flow during Roubo on Marquetry. I am happy to say that most of that particular set of … Continue reading

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The Train Wreck is Behind You

I don’t sleep as well when I have French workbench in pieces in my shop. Even a little wood movement in the joints can make assembly a bear, or at least a ticked-off warthog. Yesterday I fit the legs in … Continue reading

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‘Why Don’t You Try Cutting Your Own Throat With It?’

NOTE: If you comment on this entry, please don’t try to guess who the manufacturers are in the stories below. Chances are you will libel someone. I’ll delete any comments that attempt to guess their identity. Thanks for your understanding. … Continue reading

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