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Publisher of woodworking books and DVDs specializing in hand tool techniques.

Holiday Spatulas (From Scraps)

Only once in the last 21 years have I gotten my act together during the holidays and made woodworking gifts for friends and family. Except for that “cutting boards Christmas” I’ve been too swamped with making a living to do … Continue reading

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A Message from the Wing-nut Ducks

Suzanne Ellison prepared this montage of swimming ducks from A.-J. Roubo’s “The Book of Plates” (plates 98, 294, 319 and 349) to remind you that you have only a day or so to order “The Book of Plates” and have … Continue reading

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Repeat After Me: I Will Not Bead My Wife’s Cats

Small beads – 1/4”, 3/16” and 1/8” – are ideal for creating shadow lines and transitions between flat boards. The classic example is with tongue-and-groove backboards. If you add a bead on the face of every board with a tongue, … Continue reading

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Fitting out the Inside of a Tool Chest

When I finally get to point where I’ve answered all my e-mail (sometime about July 2026), I might write a supplement or revision to the last bit of “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest” to include more construction information on different chests … Continue reading

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On Drinking & Woodworking

It’s no secret that I like beer. So I get asked by students occasionally: Do you drink while you are in the shop? The answer? Absolutely, yes. Now, before you read another word, know that I am not an uptight … Continue reading

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‘A Bad Influence’

Every time I teach at Roy Underhill’s “The Woodwright’s School,” he gives me a rash of crap for two things: my waterstones and my plastic, pressurized plant sprayer that I use to moisten my stones. He now begrudgingly ignores my … Continue reading

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6 Tools for Sale ALL SOLD

To keep this sale civil and smooth, please, please, please read this with care before sending me a note about buying any tools. If you subscribe to our blog via e-mail, click through to the page to see if the … Continue reading

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