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Tools Needed to Make the Dutch Tool Chest

I’m teaching woodworkers how to make the Dutch tool chest all over the hemisphere this year. I have Dutch chest classes going in California in March, Alaska in April, North Carolina in June, and in Maine and England in July. … Continue reading

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A Few Spots Open for Classes: Roorkee Chairs & Dutch Tool Chest

Next month, I head to sunny/warm/tasty Anaheim, Calif., to teach two classes – a four-day class on building Roorkee chairs and a two-day class on building a Dutch tool chest. The classes will be held at the William Ng School … Continue reading

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Coolest Stickers (Yet) for the Dutch Tool Chest

My little Dutch tool chest has seen a metric crap-load of miles (or kilometers or hogsheads) during the last 12 months. And wherever I take it, I like to pick up a sticker from a local gas station or convenience … Continue reading

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Dutch Tool Chest, Day 1

One of the cool things about the Wortheffort school of woodworking is the workbenches. Shawn Graham, the brains and back behind the school, built enough for 13 students and the instructor. Almost all of the benches are very basic Roubo … Continue reading

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Tool Chests: Dutch vs. English

Question: What made you decide that you liked the Dutch tool chest design in favor of the one in “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest?” Answer: I don’t prefer the Dutch chest. This Q&A was repeated at least 20 times on Friday … Continue reading

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Just a Little Dutch

I finished painting my downsized Dutch chest last night (yes, this one fits in my car thanks for asking), filled it up with tools and started work with it today. As you can see I made some small changes to … Continue reading

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The Driving Dutchman

When measuring my car and drawing up the plans for my first Dutch chest, I forgot two things: the handles and the caster assembly. Which means, as you probably can guess, that the chest does not fit in my car. … Continue reading

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A Quick Tour of the Dutch Tool Chest

It turns out that the Dutch Tool Chest I recently finished is a little larger than I needed. Fully loaded with the tools I take on the road, it still had room for more. And it weighs only 116 pounds. … Continue reading

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Dutch Tool Chest: Painted, Handled and Waiting for Hinges

Between bouts of loading 6,000 pounds of books, several holiday dinners and shoveling snow, I managed to make some progress on the Dutch tool chest. I added two coats of General Finishes Milk Paint – lamp black color. I have … Continue reading

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Let’s Go Dutch (Tool Chest)

This fall I’ve been studying Dutch tool chests out of both necessity and desire. I recently traded in my 10-year-old Acura RSX for a new car that has a smaller trunk, and I also had a generous offer from a … Continue reading

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