Update: ‘Kitchen Think,’ Linocut Prints and Soft Wax

We are putting the finishing touches on Nancy Hiller’s “Kitchen Think” book this week. It should go to press late this week or early next. We just have to make some copy editing changes from Kara Gebhart Uhl and tweak a drawing. 

We will open up pre-publication orders soon. The book will be hardbound, 8.5” x 11”, printed on coated, matte paper and 368 pages long. Full color throughout. And thanks to our long-time relationship with our printing plant in Tennessee, we can sell this book for $38 (that’s about $6 less than I thought it would be).

The content is, of course, great. And we’ll be writing more about it soon. The book is a great mix of practical how-to, hard-won lessons on kitchen design and lots of inspiring examples from Nancy and a few other woodworkers.

Linocut Prints

If you ordered a linocut print made by Molly Brown for “Good Work: The Chairmaking Life of John Brown,” I have good news. Molly has made all the prints, and they are on their way to the United States now. As soon as they land here, we’ll ship them out. Thanks for your patience. And Molly deserves a gold star. She finished these prints at the height of her pregnancy and while taking care of a newborn.

Soft Wax

Katherine’s last batch of soft wax sold out so quickly that she was inspired to make another batch. They are available in her store now

— Christopher Schwarz

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8 Responses to Update: ‘Kitchen Think,’ Linocut Prints and Soft Wax

  1. Geordie Smith says:

    I’m going to set a land speed record reading this book

    My eyeballs are going to catch fire

  2. toolnut says:

    New kitchen, here we come! The timing of this is perfect. I wish I could hire Nancy directly for my renovation but it would be one heck of a work commute for her so I’ll settle for an entertaining Nancy brain dump on all things kitchen. Thank you Nancy for sharing your knowledge, and Chris, thanks for publishing.

  3. Jesse Griggs says:

    Exciting news! Speaking of kitchens, how is yours coming along? I hope to hear more about it in a future blog entry.

  4. Sam says:

    I know Megan enjoyed Nancy’s book to the nth degree.

  5. Love those cabinets on the cover. Love them!

  6. Other Chris says:

    Okay, time for “Guess that Wood!” on those cabinets.


    • o2bsam says:

      The medullary rays on the right facing cabinet door looks like white oak, however the color does not. We may have to purchase the book to find out the hidden answer.

  7. Steve Kaminska says:

    My kitchen’s nothing but rotten subfloor, wall studs and seriously questionable electrics right now. Looks like I started this project a month or two too soon.

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