Soft Wax Now Available

As you can see, Bean the three-legged cat is the worst wax salesman we have hired. Instead of doing something cute to encourage you to buy wax, he just sits and looks like someone poked him in the butt.

My youngest daughter, Katherine, has made up a big batch of soft wax this week and you can purchase it in her etsy store here. Soft wax is an easily applied, high-solvent finish. It’s ideal for finishing the inside of casework. It helps the look of antiques with aged finishes. It coats Crucible tools before they are shipped out.

Don’t use it on your beard. Or your three-legged cat. (The FDA has found it ineffective for growing back a missing leg.)

There are more details on soft wax and how we make it with a waterless process here in Covington in the etsy description. Katherine cooks it up herself. Bottles it. Ships it out. 

Bean does not help, as you can clearly see in the photo.

— Christopher Schwarz

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6 Responses to Soft Wax Now Available

  1. Paul Hawkinson says:

    Glad you’ve got a cat, way over there.

  2. Roger Hillers says:

    Nice cat!!
    Thanks for your jottings.

  3. One Big Marine says:

    Typical of cats. They just set around and wait to be served.
    Dogs have masters, Cats have staff.

  4. Rob Young says:

    Doing less to help is better. Jake the little gray cat helped by throwing up during this morning’s Zoom call.

  5. Beano wove soft wax!

    ( – obviously I’d start with Season one, but Beano doesn’t show up until Season two. And Beano know. Beano know.)

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