Notes on Cancelled Classes


If you registered for a 2020 class at LAP, then you know from your email that we recently made the difficult decision to cancel all remaining classes for 2020. And I appreciate the kind notes you’ve sent in return – many of you offered to donate your registration fee (which warmed the cockles of my semi-frozen heart) or ask if it could be applied to a new class in the future. And you’ve asked about classes in the future in general.

I’m responding to all questions (I hope!) at once, here.

First, thank you to those who generously offered to let us keep the fee. We greatly appreciate the offer, but we simply wouldn’t feel right doing that – so expect to see those refunds in your accounts soon.

And as far as applying that registration fee to future classes…I’m afraid simply haven’t the organizational skills to make that happen. So again,expect to see those refunds in your accounts soon.

I do, however, have organizational skills enough to make sure that when we do offer classes again, anyone who was signed up for a cancelled 2020 class gets a priority shot at a like class when we are able to invite folks back. So yes to that.

And finally, yes, we do plan to offer classes again – when it’s safe for everyone. As always, stay tuned to the blog; fingers crossed I’ll have good news on that front later this year.

Thanks for your continued support.

— Fitz

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5 Responses to Notes on Cancelled Classes

  1. Antonio says:

    Just be safe. Take care. All the best to you there at LAP (minions included), and your families.

  2. Jesse Griggs says:

    Why not try teaching a class or 2 over zoom? I’m a full time classical musician and about 60% of my work is teaching private and group lessons. I’ve been teaching all my classes online since mid march and while in person is way better, I’ve been surprised at how much you can teach online. It has made me much better at verbally communicating instruction. You don’t even need to be that fancy with the tech. A phone works ok (though a laptop is much better). Biggest hurdle would be figuring out how to hold your phone at the right angle to get a decent shot of what people are doing. Given the alternative of nothing, I’d take the opportunity for a zoom class everytime.

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