For the Lost Art Press Men’s Room


If you’ve ever visited our storefront, you might have noticed that we wallpaper the men’s room with all manner of woodworking paraphernalia, from posters to old advertisements to poems.

I haven’t put anything up in the women’s room except a portrait of Juliette Caron. Every time I think to hang something in there, I ask Megan: “Is this too creepy for the women’s room?” And the look on her face says: Yes.

Case in point this vintage German newspaper I just purchased after a tip from Suzo “the Saucy Indexer” Ellison. Do I want this guy smiling at me when I do my business? Probably not, but it’s going in the men’s room anyway.

I hope (government mandates permitting) that you can come see the bathrooms for your own self. We still hope to open the doors to the public on June 13, 2020, for a special open day.

What’s going to be special? Blemished books. We are trucking 14 boxes of damaged and returned books to the storefront for the occasion. They will be 50 percent off of retail – cash only. (No, we cannot put them online. Sorry.) I don’t yet know what titles we’ll have. When I get them here I’ll post a list. But I do know we have a significant number of the now-discontinued “Book of Plates.”

We’ll also have our full line of new books and all the Crucible tools. We can take any form of payment for new books and tools – cash, check or credit.

So get healthy and hope for the best. If June doesn’t work, we’ll reschedule the open day for as soon as it is safe for everyone.

— Christopher Schwarz

P.S. What’s the image above about? Not sure. The blocks of text below it are from an unrelated article. The caption on the image is, according to a translation from Rudy Everts, basically, “When the cat’s away, the mice will play.” Even so, I’m not hanging this one above the Lost Art Press urinal.

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11 Responses to For the Lost Art Press Men’s Room

  1. Mattias Hallin says:

    Perhaps to be understood as something along the lines of “when the master is out of the shop, the apprentice will slack off”?!


  2. Jannik Jantzen says:

    You are right. It says „ist die Katz aus dem Haus, so tanzt die Maus“. Which translates to „when the cat is out of the house, the mouse dances.“


  3. loxmyth says:

    Well, what he’s playing (with?) Is either an Anglo-German concertina or a closely related musical instrument. I’m presuming it’s simply a portrait of a woodworker who was also an amateur musician, practicing or showing off during a rest break. Lsrger belliows than I’m used to seeing; can’t tell whether that’s supposed to be real or if the artist was taking liberties.

    (Yes, I play Anglo. I’m almost as far behind in practicing with it as I am practicing with the woodworking tools.)


  4. fitz says:

    You can’t see it, but assume my look remains the same.


  5. mjstauss says:

    Still way less creepy than Mr. Punch.


  6. Joerg Sommer says:

    This old German saying goes: If the boss is not there, the apprentice celebrates instead of working.


  7. Jörg Sommer says:

    This old German saying goes: If the boss is not there, the apprentice celebrates instead of working.

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  8. Pascal Teste says:

    It’s a proverb we use in French “quand le chat n’est pas là, les souris dansent” which means when the boss is out, the employees “party”… Beautiful drawing!

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  9. Alfred says:

    Wow, what a mix of topics on one page, the picture, the caption, and especially the story fragment that describes the execution by firing squad of an leader of the Mountain Meadows.Massacre. you can find die entire story in Google using the picture caption and the name of the artist. The page is from an early tabloid called Die Gartenlaube. Wikipedia describes it well:


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