Work Apace…the Rest of Thomas Dekker’s Poem

After reading the recent post “Honest Labour – the Column that Named the Book,” I wanted to recent the whole of Thomas Dekker’s poem. Did you? Here it is.

In case you missed the original post you can read it here.

Not sure if Chris Schwarz had read the poem, so I forwarded it to him. A copy of the poem now hangs in the art gallery that is also known as the men’s restroom at the Lost Art Press Storefront (sigh).

— Suzanne Ellison

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3 Responses to Work Apace…the Rest of Thomas Dekker’s Poem

  1. Gav says:

    Understandably, I would suggest you are not familiar with the quality of decoration/cultural content/artistic merit of mens restrooms and would put forward the observation of how well developed the art gallery of Lost Press must be in terms of overall content. It brings to mind another memorable piece ” Here I sit all broken hearted , tried to s#$t but only farted.” We men are simple creatures after all. Groaning may be added to the sighs.

  2. Count_Sudoku says:

    This edition seems to have an omition:

    …. honest labor bears a lovely face;
    Then hey nonny nonny–hey nonny nonny– hey nonny nonny and a ho ho ho.
    Check it out!

  3. Steve Baisden says:

    And what inspiring bon mots are posted in the ladies (sic) room ?

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