Soft Wax Now for Sale


Katherine has made a big batch of soft wax during her break from art school. The wax is $24 for an 8-ounce jar. Soft wax is great for finishing the interior of woodwork, as a coat over milk paint or a way to add some luster to an aged finish.

Katherine cooks up the wax in the machine room using a waterless process. It’s packaged in glass jars to eliminate any chance of rust. And has a coated metal lid (also to reduce rust).

We also use it on tools and (thanks to a tip from a reader) leather shoes.

You can purchase the wax here through Katherine’s etsy store.

— Christopher Schwarz

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6 Responses to Soft Wax Now for Sale

  1. Steve P says:

    Would this be good to use over chalk paint as well? Like the Annie Sloan stuff my wife likes?

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  2. Mike T says:

    Any more stickers coming through soon??

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  3. Rachael Boyd says:

    keeps my work shoes soft and kinda water proof.

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  4. holtdoa says:

    Woot!! I finally got an order in before the supply was exhausted!

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  5. Yeah, I’ve been using them on my leather work boots for a year or two now. They keep a nice dark brown appearance all the time and there aren’t any cracks in them from leather drying out, which is something that has happened to my boots in the past.

    Unfortunately, ADSW does contain VOCs, which means it is not good for beard care. For that, I use AlfieShine.

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