‘Anarchist’s Design Book’ Shipping Soon

ADB_expanded_mockup_cover2Our printer has shipped “The Anarchist’s Design Book: Expanded Edition” from its docks and it is en route to our warehouse in Indiana. After it arrives, employees will insert an errata sheet into each copy and mail out all the pre-publication orders.

My guess is these orders will go out next week.

As a result, we have now eliminated the free pdf download for this book. The book is $49, the book plus the pdf is $61.25 and the pdf alone is $24.50.

Despite the fact that I am temporarily sick of this book (I get sick of every book after living and breathing it for several years), I’m excited to see the physical product. We did two new things with the manufacturing: We added a red bookmark ribbon to the book and we used a gloss black foil over the black cloth cover for the marriage mark diestamp. Black on black. The printer says the book looks great. I’m holding my breath a little.

— Christopher Schwarz

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13 Responses to ‘Anarchist’s Design Book’ Shipping Soon

  1. Alan - planesaw says:

    Appreciate the red bookmark ribbon! If it doesn’t add much to the cost, would like to see those in all future books from LAP. Thanks for the convenience of them.


  2. ballisticman says:

    Joust got out of the hospital and missed the fruit PDF. Can you make an exception today only, JP 612-308-1137

    Sent from my iPhone, have the best day ever….



  3. Len A says:

    I had diarised this to order in early February when funds are in greater supply and based on an earlier post that said….

    The book will be $47, which will include domestic shipping. I am personally signing the first 1,000 books sold through our store. If you order before March 31, you also will receive the pdf version of the book for an immediate download.

    I take it I am now too late, despite not yet at the end of January, to order for $47 and still receive the PDF. Is that correct?

    I have the previous version but still wanting to order this one.


  4. Dave Polaschek says:

    How Spinal Tap of you… 😉


  5. Richard Garrow says:

    Hi LAP team. I think the red book marker is a fantastic idea. It would be great if it could be a feature in all new books coming out. I keep having to steal my wife’s book markers when I get a new book to read. Thanks I am keeping the first edition as a treasure to pass on in years to come.
    Looking forward to the new edition. Plus I like doing my part to keep LAP in business.
    Regards Richg


  6. Tony Cavella says:

    Can’t wait to get my copy!


  7. This book is sexy as hell!


  8. Al says:

    I’ve always been impressed by the physical quality of LAP books. You hold one and instantly know this is what a book is supposed to be like. I can’t help wondering if the printers feel the same way. I would be very happy to produce something of such quality if I were them.

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  9. Marlin Collier says:

    Chris: You have ruined my life (joke). I too love reading paper books over e-books. However, most of the woodworking books I have bought have a paper cover. But getting the beautiful “Anarchist’s Design Book” delivered today has convinced me that this is the only way a book should be printed and bound. Thank you.

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