Alaska Hand-tool Woodworking Classes


I’ll be in Anchorage, Alaska – at least hope to be – from Feb. 28-March 6 to give a presentation on Western Shaker furniture, then teach two hand-tool woodworking classes.

It’s expensive not only to fly folks in to teach, but to have the wood shipped in – so I need a few more students than usual to make it viable for the club.

The first class – the Boarded Bookshelf from Christopher Schwarz’s “Anarchist’s Design Book” – is a two-day: Feb. 29-March 1 ($425). The second class – the Dutch Tool Chest – is a three-day: March 4-6 ($450).

So if you’re in the Anchorage area, or want to take a trip that could involve not only woodworking, but the start of the Iditarod, please consider signing up! Note that the registration fees include the wood – which makes these incredibly inexpensive in comparison to classes in our shop (I dropped my cut to a crazy low rate because, well, Alaska! Iditarod!). For more information and to register, visit the Alaska Creative Woodworkers Association website.


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6 Responses to Alaska Hand-tool Woodworking Classes

  1. Kurt Roeder says:

    Shipping lumber TO Alaska?


    • Kurt Roeder says:

      Forget that I asked. I can see that how you would need a stack of good predictable lumber for a short class Finding a local supply would be challenging, especially if you are doing it from out of state.

      I live 60 miles from the Pacific, but the last three times I bought sardines or kippers they came from Maine, Poland or Thailand. I have only ever used Oregon sardines for bait.

      Struggling to find a lesson in there… here it is: stay away from the Thai sardines. Scales.

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      • Christian says:

        There is only one store in Anchorage that sells hardwood, they’re only open 8-4:30 M-F and their whole inventory fits into what amounts to a two bay mechanics garage.


  2. tsstahl says:

    I’m not an Alaskan native, but have been a tourist there. Anchorage has a lot to offer. Yes, they do have paved streets and Walmart. Take a day trip and walk on a glacier with no mamby pamby fences or guide ropes; yes, you really can slip into a crevasse if you are stupid. Long winded way of saying thumbs up to a trip to Alaska for anyone thinking about it.


  3. rwyoung says:

    Check to see if the Iditarod still has the “red lantern award” for the team that comes in last. My ex was once upon a time a bank teller in Anchorage and that bank was a sponsor of the award. Commemorative sweatshirts from the ’80s had a rendering on the lantern on the front and a dog’s “pucker” on the back (because that was your view for much of the race).


  4. thominkentuck says:

    More fun than Shakespeare? wow ! Good for you!


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