Technical Updates to Our PDFs

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This week we pushed out updates to almost all of our books that are available via pdf. So…

No. 1: Please don’t worry, the emails aren’t a scam. They are indeed from us.

No. 2: What changed? This is a technical update – we didn’t change the editorial content. Instead, we added Bookmarks and interior navigation links to make the pdfs easier to use. When you open the pdf, you can click on the icon that looks like a bookmark on the left side of the screen and you’ll see all the chapters listed there. Click on a bookmark and you’ll jump to that point in the text.

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We also added interior links from each book’s Table of Contents. Go to the Table of Contents in any of the new pdfs. Click on the chapter you want to read. You will go there.

We also added the image of the book’s cover to the pdf (if it was missing). This is a cosmetic change.

No. 3: Why did you do this? To make the pdfs easier to use for you and us.

No. 4: I bet you added DRM or other sneaky stuff to watch me in the shower. No, we did not. We just made the pdfs easier to use. We also reset the counter for your downloads. So if you had reached your limit, it’s now reset to zero.

No. 5: What if I didn’t get an email for a pdf I own? Chances are that the notice was sent to an email you aren’t using now. You can log into your account at our store and you’ll see all your downloads that are available. If that doesn’t work, you can send a note to

— Christopher Schwarz

About Lost Art Press

Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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23 Responses to Technical Updates to Our PDFs

  1. John Rosko says:

    Thank you very much!


  2. DJ says:

    Thank you! It’s perfect timing…I’m building the lid of my tool chest and thought that it would be nice to links tied to the pdf.

    BTW, I went to the My Account > Download…I didn’t see anything indicating that I can download my digital goods (ADB & ATC).


  3. laterthanuthink says:

    Nice touch Chris, thank you.


  4. Glenn Mitchell says:

    Christopher and Lost Art,

    I’m so grateful for the way you keep the books and technology updated. That level of care from a publisher has never been my experience. Thank you, Glenn

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  5. Richard Garrow says:

    Thank so very much I thought it was Christmas all over again. This is another reason why I love all the books you have published. Looking forward to the new books this year. All the best to everyone at LAP.


  6. John W says:

    Awesome. Even more awesome since I use my iPad as “shop computer”, with my entire PDF reference library on it, and all the LAP books I’ve bought just got a lot more useful in that capacity.

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  7. Dakota Burgener says:

    How is the book about Dick Proenneke coming along? Im excited for this one.


  8. Paul Dechow says:

    I cannot see my pdfs on my account page. Can this be fixed? I think I have every pdf that you have produced along with hard copies of each book. Are the second editions of the two latest books worth buying if you have the first editions? What is new?



  9. I bet you added DRM or other sneaky stuff to watch me in the shower. No, we did not.

    Why do I feel disappointed?


  10. Chris says:

    Definitely handy if you have the digital version, can’t help but prefer physical versions of book though, so I’ll be buying a physical copy – great designs too! 😀


    • I’ve been fortunate enough to have been around since book number one. Part of that good fortune means I’ve been able to buy them as they are released, rather than looking at a whole catalog of books, and deciding what to buy, and what has to wait. Sophie had it easy.

      The other side of seeing each book published has been availing myself of the two-for-one prepublication deals. I wouldn’t want to be without either the hard copy or the electronic version. And being able to get both for the price of one is just a fantastic bargain. There might be another publisher out there offering the same, but I’m not aware of them.

      On top of all this, getting free upgrades to products publushed years ago? Just remarkable. Inconcievable.

      Also, anyone that has to reach out to the help email Chris listed above, H is wonderful at her job. H is the other Meghan, not to be confused with Megan Fitzpatrick. H is great.


  11. hgordon4 says:

    Very nice! Thank you for doing this.


  12. Phil Rhodes says:

    Thank you – rare to see this level of customer care nowadays, but you are a different kind of company. (In a good way!)


  13. Joe says:

    Thanks for that..


  14. Thanks for this….a functioning Table of Contents in a .pdf is reeeeaaaaallllly convenient. Also, I had to look into what DRM is….and after some research I’m less worried about you being able to peep on me in the shower than you getting a glimpse of the gross incompetence in my shop.


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