‘True Tales of Woodworking’ Deadline Approaching


A test set-up for the cover of Nancy Hiller’s “Making Things Work,” revised edition. (In case you’re wondering, the “pasta” is yellow pine shavings from a rabbet plane, the “sauce” is mahogany cross-grain shavings from a jack plane, and the “cheese” is maple from a spokeshave.

A reminder that the deadline – January 15 – is almost upon us for our True Woodworking Tales Contest to celebrate celebrate the release of Nancy Hiller’s second edition of “Making things Work: Tales from a Cabinetmaker’s Life.” The writer of the best tale – as selected by Nancy, Christopher Schwarz and me – will win a $100 gift certificate to the Lost Art Press store (usable online or in person at the storefront). Plus, we’ll serve up the winning tale here, along with our other favorites.


• Your tale must be true (though you can change names to protect the innocent – and not so innocent).
• It can be no longer than 1,000 words.
• Make sure your name, email address and phone number are atop your entry (Pages, Word, PDF…whatever type of file you like, as long as I can open it on a Mac).
• Send your tales to fitz@lostartpress.com, with “Tale Entry” in the subject line.
• While not required, an accompanying image would be swell, so that we’ve appropriate art to go with the tales we share on the blog. (It’s either that, or you get a picture of one of the cats to go with it.)

— Fitz

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  1. tsstahl says:

    In stereo: “celebrate celebrate” 🙂

  2. Dan says:

    That photo is so cool…

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