How to ‘Upgrade’ Your Copy of ‘The Anarchist’s Design Book’


The expanded version of “The Anarchist’s Design Book” is complete. And, as promised, here are instructions for how to download the new pdf if you own the first edition (no matter where you purchased your copy).

It’s simple.

First, I ask for your patience with this process. We might encounter a technical glitch with this process as we’ve never done this before. We’ve tested it quite a lot, but… Also, if we do have a problem, ranting in the comments isn’t going to help us.

Please send an email to Make the subject line your name (firstname and lastname). Now open your current copy of “The Anarchist’s Design Book” and turn to page 386. In the body of the message, please write the first word of the book’s text from that page. (No, it is not “386” and it is not “appendices” – it’s the first word of text.) If there’s not an text on that page, you have a later printing. Check page 388 and use that word.

Send the message. Our filters and templates will check the message and send you a reply with a link to download the pdf of the expanded edition.

Important: This will work only once per email address. If you send another message, our robot won’t respond.

If you have trouble, don’t ask for help from the robot at It’s not trained to assist you. Instead, send a message to Please know it might take 24 to 48 hours to get a response.

Thanks for your patience.

— Christopher Schwarz


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36 Responses to How to ‘Upgrade’ Your Copy of ‘The Anarchist’s Design Book’

  1. Bill Edwards says:

    Thank you Chris.

  2. Jason says:

    While I appreciate this I’m happy to purchase a new copy, so when will orders be open for the new edition?

  3. joecrafted says:

    Recently bought the PDF version of the book and already got the auto-update email. Thanks Chris! Look forward to getting a print copy of expanded book. Been out of the woodworking game for a bit, but will try some of these projects. Bookcase first because I always need more of those…

  4. Coffeebean says:

    Worked great! Thanks. this will tide me over until i get my new paper copy (and donate the old one to someone deserviing)

  5. charles says:

    You guys take customer loyalty and service to a new level. Thank you.

    Enjoying reading my download already. But I fear I’ll have to buy a “real” copy soon, as I have done with the other favourites.

  6. Alex Webster says:

    Page 386 in my copy only has a photo no text to speak of ?

  7. Rafi says:

    I’m excited to gift my old copy and purchase the new edition.

    But I’m sad that I won’t have the letter press plate and signature. Any chance those ever come back?

  8. Pascal Teste says:

    That’s very generous of you, thanks. I will buy the book when it shows up at my local Lee Valley store.

  9. andyinperth says:

    Hi there

    Many thanks for the opportunity to upgrade my “old” copy of the “Anarchist’s Design Book”. Even though I’m down in little old New Zealand I try to keep up with your publications. Over the years I’ve bought over 20 of them. I just LOVE the quality of both content and production. I sometimes buy 2 copies and give one away, as with “By Hand and Eye” and gave it away to a luthier friend of mine. He loved it.

    I know it is sad, but I also lust over Chore Coats, Lump Hammers and the other desirable stuff. 😁

    Chris, do you ever have time to sleep? Your output is prodigious!


    Andy Phillips, Blenheim, New Zealand

  10. Merle Hall says:

    Worked great! Thank you! Looking forward to perusing the new version.

  11. Thank you, Chris. The robot worked like a charm.
    That said, I’m with the others – I look forward to purchasing the book at the next open house I can visit. Nothing quite beats the experiences of going to LAP and picking one of these spectacular books off the shelf.

  12. Kim Howarter says:

    Thanks Chris and John, I was able to download my copy! I appreciate your providing the update free to everyone that purchased the prior editions! Now I have more reading to do.

  13. I hope the new edition’s cover will blend seamlessly with the other Anarchist titles.

  14. Todd Henry says:

    Just fantastic Chris. What a nice timely surprise to do some reading on vacation next week. I remain impressed and thankful for your commitment to quality and doing things “the right way”. I’ve tried to take some of your thought and practices into my own day to day

    Thank you

  15. LAP as usual comes through for it’s customers. Well done team! I love my first edition and will purchase the expanded edition when it comes available. We are so fortunate to experience the hand tool renaissance at this moment. Thank you to Chris, Roy, Jennie, Peter (both), Thomas and so many other instructors, content creators and tool makers helping traditional woodworking get the attention it deserves. I hope future generations appreciate the gift that is LAP.


  16. Raymond Stericker says:

    Chris, Just want to add my thanks. You always go the extra mile for your customers. I hope this process doesn’t cause you too many headaches. My copy downloaded first try without any problems.

  17. Tim Snider says:


  18. Jeff Simpson says:

    Thank you so much for this! What a bargain.

  19. Bruno Luecking says:

    Can‘t really add much to the comments above, but nevertheless I just would like to say thank you, too! A really nice touch!

  20. Wayne Collier says:

    Thank you! If only all retailers would follow your example of going beyond for your customers. Our daughter just moved to Cincinnati, so now I have to schedule visits when LAP is open. I’ve got a feeling my wife will want to see the grandkids more than just twice next year, so hopefully you will find a few more days to open the store.

  21. John Rosko says:

    Thank you! It was a few short hours from the time I submitted my email and receiving the download link. Flawless process from start to finish. Looking forward to reading the expanded version.

  22. hammerbach says:

    It worked a treat – thanks. I will be adding the new addition to my shelf when it is available, but it is really nice to have something I can travel with.

  23. Harry Wood says:

    I has been said many times in the comments above but I would also like to add my thanks to Chris and John for this very generous gesture.
    Best wishes from Scotland

  24. Dan Arnott says:

    Adding my voice to the chorus of “thank you”s.

  25. says:

    LAP, great download 7 min. after you posted. Late post, Punkin pie break, You may have covered this but is this book going to have the Black page ends, like the 1st edition? Ralph

  26. jpassacantando says:

    That worked flawlessly. And that is very generous Chris. Thanks.

  27. johnanthonyleonardo says:

    Thank you Chris.
    I like your philosophy … a true Anarchist.
    John, from the UK

  28. Alexander Nemeth says:

    I’m down with LAP…


  29. Tom Buskey says:

    I need to order my copy!
    I purchased a book copy of Make a Joint Stool with a Tree and wish I had purchased a PDF so I could quickly search for details in the text. Is one available for purchase? I don’t see one right now.

    Another publisher, O’Reilly, does upgrades of books. They did paper for an additional fee. Once, I called about a CD bookshelf v3 that no longer worked on my computer. They didn’t have an upgrade for it. v5 was out and > $150. They looked on eBay and showed me a listing for a used copy of v4! Not many vendors will do that!

  30. John says:

    Sent from my iPad


  31. Dom says:

    What a completely painless process and fantastic customer service…

  32. John Jarosz says:

    Amazing work with the robot. I never thought you would send the ENTIRE revised edition, but thanks. I appreciate your wanting us to have a complete revised edition. And after thinking about how to revise an edition, I guess you’d have to send the complete new edition. Thanks

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