Moleskin Work Vests in Stock


Our Moleskin Work Vests are in store and ready to ship. These vests are made from U.K. moleskin and stitched here in Cincinnati. The price is $165 plus domestic shipping.

Before you order, be sure to check out the sizing chart. Please take a moment to measure yourself so you get the correct size. These fit a little slimmer than what you’ll find in department stores. But I promise they are not cut for human twigs.

These vests are outstanding – soft, warm and hard-wearing. Thanks to Tom Bonamici who designed them and Sew Valley that stitched them.

Read all about them here.

— Christopher Schwarz

About Lost Art Press

Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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13 Responses to Moleskin Work Vests in Stock

  1. I’m in. Time to see if I measure up.


  2. Richard Mahler says:

    I have some U.S.-made moles wrecking parts of my lawn. You may have their skins for free if I can catch the little varmints!


  3. Pascal Teste says:

    Wow! Very nice! Are they going to be available at Lee Valley?


  4. Jonathan Schneider says:

    Do you make more?


  5. The inside tag says, “100% cotton”.

    Soooo… this is a synthetic mole skin vest?


  6. Would it be possible to buy a pattern so I can make my own?


  7. Matthias Ender says:

    oy, too late already for the Large. Will wait for your next batch!


  8. hans trip says:

    Along the lines of the interior rule pocket, an interior pocket for smartphone storage might be worth considering for a rev 2.0


  9. Bill R says:

    Awesome vest! Excellent quality; absolutely love it!!


  10. Scott Nicholson says:

    Extremely happy with my vest! It has eliminated all of the frustrations I have experienced with shop aprons, pouches etc.. Thanks for a great product!


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