More Classes – Here & Abroad


All my classes at the Covington, Ky., storefront are full (I highly recommend you join the waitlist here – people’s lives can change dramatically in a moment). But I now have classes in Germany and Florida that have opened their registration for 2020.

All of these are classes that I’ve never taught before (always fun). Here are the details:

Japanese Siding-lid Box, Feb. 22-23, 2020
Florida School of Woodwork, Tampa, Fla.

In this class we’ll make a reproduction of a Japanese sliding-lid box I measured while I was overseas. It’s a fun project to make. Though the joinery is simple – finger joints and steel dome-head nails – the real challenge is keeping all the details crisp and producing beautiful surfaces.

Staked Worktable, June 30-July 4, 2020

Dictum, Niederalteich, Germany

The Staked Worktable from “The Anarchist’s Design Book” is one of my favorite original designs. And I’m excited that Dictum has agreed to run this course. It’s a bit of a challenging project because of the sheer scale of the materials – large legs, large compound-angle mortises and some big sliding dovetails. The class takes place on the grounds of a beautiful monastery in Niederalteich, Germany.

Introduction to Chairmaking, July 5-8, 2020

Dictum, Munich, Germany

This four-day class is a solid introduction to making contemporary chairs using traditional methods. We’ll get into basic steam-bending, compound-angle joinery, tapered mortise-and-tenon construction and saddling a seat. Because we are building a side chair (instead of a more involved armchair) the pace will be less brutal and we’ll be able to explore alternative methods throughout the week. The classroom is in the heart of Munich, right by a large train station with lots of places to eat and things to do. So bringing your family might be a good idea.

In the coming weeks, I hope to announce three more classes for 2020 – two in the United States and one in the United Kingdom. We are still working out the details, and then I’ll announce them here.

— Christopher Schwarz

About Lost Art Press

Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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8 Responses to More Classes – Here & Abroad

  1. Roland Stewart Chapman says:

    What is that table ? ! Looks tactile and balanced …….. but wait !!! ….. it has garbage underneath


  2. Daniel Roy says:

    Chris, have you ever been to France?


  3. Andy says:

    Thanks for the update. Chris, have you considered returning to Port Townsend for a class in the future?

    I’m planning to join one of Meghan’s classes at the school in 2020 (and unfortunately missed Brendan’s staked chair class in 2019).


  4. Martin Schipper says:

    Hey Chris,
    Would you perhaps consider doing a second class “introduction to chair making” in Germany while you are there? I tried to apply but it was already fully booked 😦
    I am on the waiting list now.
    Best regards


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