Cover Logo for ‘The Anarchist’s Design Book’


Megan Fitzpatrick has finished up her edit of the expanded edition of “The Anarchist’s Design Book” and is now sitting 6’ away making her corrections to the book’s layout files.

Briony is working on the new images, and I have a few photos to take.

In the meantime, I’m pondering a new logo design for the cover of the book. I do like the marriage mark on the original version, and there’s a fair chance we’ll keep it for the expanded edition.

But I’m a tinkerer, especially with the books I’ve written. So I have tried out about five different new logos, including the rough sample you see above.

What is it? Like the marriage mark, it’s a cabinetmaking mark shown in A.J. Roubo’s “l’Art du menuisier.” Shown on Plate 5, our translation notes that the mark is used to designate where a crosscut should occur on a board. The common version of this mark doesn’t have the circle. The circle is added when there are several competing marks on the board. The circle indicates “this is definitely the place to cut.”

Also, I like that there are several letter “As” hidden in its structure.

The downsides? Megan says it looks like the symbol from “The Blair Witch Project” (the twanas). It also somewhat resembles a famous drawing in Kurt Vonnegut’s “Breakfast of Champions” that is about a rude part of the human body. You can read about it here.

So maybe we’ll stick with the marriage mark instead of a demonic sphincter (though some have likened my prose to just such an object…).

— Christopher Schwarz

About Lost Art Press

Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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34 Responses to Cover Logo for ‘The Anarchist’s Design Book’

  1. Justin L says:

    Before I read a single word, I was thinking “Is Chris publishing a book on the Blair Witch?” I am not saying I hate it. But I really thought the same thing as Megan. J


  2. ben lowery says:

    It also somewhat resembles a famous drawing in Kurt Vonnegut’s “Breakfast of Champions” that is about a rude part of the human body.

    That’s not a downside, it’s a backside.

    Maybe this new logo should be on the back cover?

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  3. richard says:

    It is basically the Dead Kennedys logo, and the fact that that isn’t obvious to you just goes to show that there are many flavors of anarchism out there that have little to do with one another.


  4. It also looks like the logo for the punk band Dead Kennedys

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  5. David says:

    Scrolled all the way down to mention the Dead Kennedys similarity and glad to see that already covered.


  6. Matthew Holbrook says:


    Please stay with the marriage mark.

    1. It is on your original Book.
    2. You have a wife
    3. You have family that results from you and your wife
    4. Your wife am family are a major reason why quality furniture must be built in the first place
    5. You can say the mark unites the 1st and Expanded Editions of your book


  7. Steven Vlahos says:

    Interesting, but not as elegant as the current symbol. Also resembles the steering wheel of a pirate ship (sorry, but I had to say it).


    • Phil says:

      I agree with Steven. There is something simple and elegant about the marriage mark that is lost with this symbol. That said, cant blame you Chris if you want to put something different on your own book!


  8. Andy says:

    I see a ship’s wheel, for whatever it’s worth. Logos are often a Rorschach test; great idea to ask your audience if they see something unexpected (or sorcerous).


  9. ikustwood says:

    Dear Chris,

    Does this version a kind of Unique book ? Meaning: i bought the first one. Will be happy to acquire this one. Just want to know if this one concentrates only on your new designs. In that case i will go for it 😉



  10. Justin R says:

    My first reaction was what is this a pirate book? I then read the text and thought ok maybe this is good. Then I went to my Dr. appointment and contipliated for a while. After supplying the requisite amount of blood, a moment of clarity came to me in the form of the marriage mark.


  11. loxmyth says:

    Most dimple symbols have multipley uses/meanings. I don’t think it would be safe to use a swastika despite its long history before the Nazis adopted it, but I really don’t see a problem with this one. Explain it, ignore the competing interpretations, and I really think it won’t be a problem.

    And I like the idea of “similar concept, visually distinct”.

    Up to you.


  12. Mark says:

    I think you should use the new one, but only because I’m quietly giggling at the picture in my mind of people picketing your storefront because they don’t realize it’s a woodworking symbol and are afraid that you’re recruiting children into a coven.


  13. Gary says:

    Look at it with soft unfocused eyes, see the whole thing, then the 3D effect may pop out and you’ll see a gyroscope. maybe it’s just me


  14. Anthony says:

    Stay with the original.


  15. Pascal Teste says:

    It’s also very similar to the lamp and light fixture electrical symbols on architectural drawings.


  16. Patrick says:

    First impression: looks satanic. When I read Megan’s description is said to myself, “that’s more of what I was searching for to describe it.”


  17. Toolnut says:

    First impression: looks satanic. After reading Megan’s description I said to myself, ” that’s more of what I was looking for to describe it.”

    This might be a duplicate. First comment didn’t appear on my side.


  18. Joseph Kulak says:

    I vote for the Marriage mark, simply because I like it better.


  19. Ray Bosch says:

    I recommend keeping your current logo. It is simple, to the point (pun intended), and clearly establishes the connection to Lost Art Press.

    Remember what happened to Coke when they came out with the “New Coke” recipe. It was a public relations disaster. Pepsi had a field day deriding Coke as an inferior cola that just had to change to be as good as Pepsi. Coke quickly had to revert back to the original recipe, and tried to save face by calling it “Coke Classic”.

    Do you really want your current logo to have to be renamed “Anarchist’s Classic”?


  20. Michael O’Brien says:

    Chris, I came to the same conclusion as Megan when I first saw the image, and before I even read what you said of her thoughts on it.
    The original front cover design was great, perhaps a slight variation of it would separate the second edition from the first.
    But it is the content within the book that really counts, and that will be excellent as always.
    Michael O’Brien
    Alabama, USA


  21. Leonard says:

    To me, a difference that makes a difference is why I have books. Both the old and new marks do exactly that.


  22. tsstahl says:

    Keep the original. Maybe work it into the chapter headings? Of course I suggest this knowing the book has been largely designed already. 😮

    You could get really cutesy and marriage mark the spines of the anarchist volumes so they appear whole when shelved.

    I seem to have all sorts of ideas on how to spend your time. 🙂 I better go back into lurking mode.


  23. amvolk says:

    I am also casting my lot against this version. A new symbol would be okay if it didn’t have so much baggage. I personally like the marriage mark. (It makes the book look monogrammed for me.)


  24. therealdanh says:

    You have a chance to offend a whole new group of people. What’s not to love?

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  25. Chris Q says:

    You know, you’re one of the few writers out there today worthy of using a Kurt Vonnegut symbol. I’m pretty sure, based on his overall philosophy and his adherence to humanism, along with his pride in his abilities as a do-it-yourselfer and handyman, that he would have loved your writing and general approach to life. You would do him proud to use it.


  26. ctdahle says:

    Either way, I’ll buy the book, but this new mark is inelegant in my opinion.


  27. Will Highfield says:

    To be honest, the symbols you are using have no meaning for me. For instance, when I wanted to mark wood for a cut I would make a crows foot. If I had several crows feet I would circle the one I wanted. And my circles were anything but perfect. Since you are the author, a picture of you with some of the work would be great. To tell the truth I never quite believed that anarchy could build a beautiful stick chair like you had on this blog a few days ago. So, I’m not getting what you mean by anarchist.
    Best Regards,
    Will Highfield


  28. Andrew Brant says:

    I can understand a new mark, though I don’t love this one as much as the original – even though it does look an awful lot like the Adobe logo, but I think that was just more noticed as I kept the book at my desk in a tech company in the art department, where people were much more familiar with Photoshop or Aftereffects than with woodworking. This one reminds me more of the logo for the band Crass which is pretty much pure punk rock anarchy if there ever was one


  29. Steven Kindem says:

    I vote for the marriage mark!


  30. William Lohr says:

    If you Google “ichthus ephesus” images, you’ll see that symbol carved in stone 2000 years ago. It’s a very old religious symbol for sure.

    btw, I live in Birketsville, MD. 🙂


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