2 Classes in Florida – Chairs & Toolboxes


I’m teaching two classes at the Florida School of Woodwork in Tampa in February 2020. Registration began yesterday, and let me repeat the two most important words from my first sentence: Florida and February.

The Tampa school is relatively new and has been the location of Fine Woodworking’s Hands On events, and I’ve heard nothing but good things about the school and its facility. Here are some details on my classes.

Chair Making, Feb. 17-21, 2020

We’ll be making the American Welsh Stick Chair that is featured in “The Anarchist’s Design Book.” It is a great introduction to chairmaking – no previous experience required. And the emphasis is on using mostly common woodworking tools and processes. No steam bending or green woodworking is required for this class.


Japanese Siding-lid Box, Feb. 22-23, 2020

In this class we’ll make a reproduction of a Japanese sliding-lid box I measured while I was overseas. It’s a fun project to make. Though the joinery is simple – finger joints and steel dome-head nails – the real challenge is keeping all the details crisp and producing beautiful surfaces.

I hope you will consider joining me. I don’t teach many classes these days, and I’ve never taught this far south.

— Christopher Schwarz

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7 Responses to 2 Classes in Florida – Chairs & Toolboxes

  1. Peggy Schneider says:

    I heard of this school last November when Kelly Parker was the featured speaker at the Minnesota Woodworkers Guild fall seminar. My sister lives near Tampa, so when I visited her in February, I stopped at the school. It seemed like a great place to learn. Maybe I need to plan another February vacation!

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  2. I do love New Mexico in March…


  3. snwoodwork says:

    Of course when you come to Florida I am supposed to be wrapping up my master’s degree. Always the bridesmaid never the bride.


  4. Matthew Holbrook says:


    I am signed up for your chair baking class in Tampa. It is only a 5-hour Drive for me from my home here in Hollywood, Florida. I I am looking forward to it and I read good reports about the Florida school of woodworking.

    If you have some extra time available to you after the class is complete you’re welcome to come to Hollywood and enjoy the beach there You can also enjoy hanging out in my shop which is in Davie which is next door to Hollywood.

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  5. Matt says:

    Do you know the number of participants that are slated for the toolbox class?


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