Last-minute ATC Class Opening

english tool chest

This is what an ATC looks like after seven months of use and little dusting.

Update: The spot has been claimed.

We’ve a last-minute cancellation for Kieran Binnie’s Anarchist’s Tool Chest class, Sept. 23-27 at the Lost Art Press Storefront. The class is $900 plus $500 for materials (which we got today – gorgeous sugar pine from California).

To claim this spot, send an email to me:

Here’s the description from our now-defunct Eventbrite page:

Join Englishman Kieran Binnie to build a full-size English tool chest (a.k.a. “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest”) with his assistants Christopher Schwarz and Megan Fitzpatrick.

This class is all about the dovetails (and building a traditional chest to hold around 50 hand tools) – you’ll get plenty of practice hand-cutting this joint on the carcase, skirts and dust seal, plus you’ll build a bomb (and butt) proof raised-panel lid to top it off. Though we will have time to build only the outside of the chest, you’ll see some options in the Lost Art Press shop for outfitting the interior.

Kieran Binnie is a woodworker and writer. Kieran’s love of hand tool work started when he enrolled at renowned Totnes School of Guitarmaking in Devon, England, and his interest expanded from lutherie to furniture making following classes with Christopher Schwarz and Roy Underhill. He writes a weekly woodwork blog ( and is a regular contributor to Furniture & Cabinetmaking Magazine and to Popular Woodworking. He is also working on a forthcoming book on the history of books and bookcases for Lost Art

* Apologies in advance for the comic stylings of Christopher Schwarz and Megan Fitzpatrick, who will be on hand to assist as needed, and translate from rebate to rabbet, cramp to clamp, centimeters to inches and so on.



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8 Responses to Last-minute ATC Class Opening

  1. Michael M. Chandler says:

    Now you’ve got my curiousity. May I ask where you sourced the sugar pine from California?


  2. GGGahhhhh!!! The torture!!!!!


  3. jason davis says:

    what you could not find some eastern white?


  4. Brett A. Mason says:

    Being from California, I’ve always been envious of the SYP availability in the Southeast. Didn’t know that Sugar Pine was a good alternative. How does it compare?


    • SYP is great for benches, but not for tool chests (it’s far too heavy!). Sugar pine and Eastern white pine are too light for benches, but great for chests! (But I prefer the sugar pine.)


      • Brett A. Mason says:

        Thanks for the response! Glad to learn that we have some local trees in our softwood forests that are worth a damn. I suppose it’s just a process of learning how to use what you’ve got.


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