Lump Hammers Now in Stock


We delivered a big load of finished lump hammers to the warehouse this week and they are now available for purchase in our online store. The cost is $85 plus shipping.

These are machined, assembled and polished here in Kentucky using domestic materials.

We also will have a batch of these hammers here at the storefront for the Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event on Sept. 20-21 at our Covington, Ky., storefront (in case you miss them online).

— Christopher Schwarz

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Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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9 Responses to Lump Hammers Now in Stock

  1. Richard says:

    I don’t need or want one of these (already have an adequate one). It seems they’re so rare and sought after tho that I need to buy one simply because they’re available. Maybe I can sell a scalped lump hammer at a profit?

  2. Chief says:

    Love my Lump. Due to large hands I had to wrap the handle with heavy string to improve my grip. Works great!

  3. Mike T says:

    Let’s hear it for the “Lumpenproletariat”!! :~)

  4. Mattias H. says:

    Given that you (at least currently) do not ship these outside of the US, is there any possibility/chance/hope that they will at some point in time be available through one or more of your sellers here in Europe? F’rinstance, I note that the Crucible holdfasts are already carried by Rubanks Verktyg AB in Sweden. Would the lump hammers (and the other tools in the Crucible line, for that matter) be available to them, should they wish to sell them over here? In other words, would it be meaningful for me to lobby them to do so, or are your hammer supplies too low or too slow for that to be an option?

    • Hi Mattias,

      With tools, we cannot sell them wholesale until we are able to maintain stock domestically. We are almost there with hammers.

      Until we can get the hammer supply to the point where we have a surplus, you might investigate (if you haven’t already) a courier service that acts as a middleman/middlewoman. Many of our European customers use these services.


      • Mattias H. says:

        Hi Chris,

        And thank you very much indeed for your prompt and helpful reply! I quite understand the situation, but take heart from your statement that you are “almost there with the hammers”.

        I may thus well decide to hang in there until the point in time, hopefully then not too far off, when you’ll be able to offer the hammers wholesale; when I compare your price for a hammer in USD with what Rubanks Verktyg are asking in SEK, it seems clear enough that that would be the most economical approach.

        However, what you say about person-in-the-middle courier services also sounds very interesting; I was not aware that such services exist! Just in case that my impatience to own one of your (rather drool-worthy) hammers gets the better of me, could you by any chance point me in the direction of some such services? Obviously, I’m sure that Google woul throw up a slew of ’em, but I am also a tad wary that such a search, with a bit of bad luck thrown in, could point me in a direction where’d be dragons; at least to my slightly suspicious mind, the field seems one where assorted frauds and bunko artists would be eminently likely to hide in the long grass.

        Even more obviously, were you to mention a name or two of companies through which you have already served overseas customers, I would most emphatically *not* hold you or LAP or Crucible responsible for any subsequent consequences of whatever choice I might make to employ such services for shopping from you (or anyone else for that matter)!

        Finally, *if* you’d be willing to make such a mention, but rather not in public view here on the blog, a brief e-mail (which i would not take as an invitation to start a correspondence) would be just as welcome. And if, on the whole, you’d rather not; no worries 🙂

        Kind regards,


        • Mattias H. says:

          “when I compare your price for a holdfast in USD with what Rubanks Verktyg are asking in SEK” is what I meant to say.

        • Hi Mattias,

          There is no one courier service that is good for all of Europe. There are some that serve the UK well. Others serve the Netherlands. One does France. A Google search will turn up the ones in your area.

  5. bsmith744 says:

    I have one. It makes a dandy fine adjustment tool, pound a nail like no other, and is just fun to wield. I named it Clarence.

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