2020 Covington Mechanicals Classes Now on Sale

Just a reminder that registration opens at 10 a.m. today for January-June 2020 classes (and that a small, non-refundable registration fee ($12 per day) will be collected at signup). Click here to see the list of classes and to register.

I have to turn on the waitlist for each class after it sells out, and will do my best to keep on eye on the site to do that as soon as it becomes necessary – but if a class you want is sold out and the waitlist isn’t yet functional, please check back for it. (There is no charge to join the waitlist.)

If you encounter any problems with the ticketing site, please send an email to covingtonmechanicals@gmail.com (not to the Lost Art Press help desk).

— Fitz

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5 Responses to 2020 Covington Mechanicals Classes Now on Sale

  1. Scott Runnels says:

    Wow, that stick chair class sold out fast!


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