Free Excerpt from ‘The Solution at Hand’

sah_cover_mockupHere’s a free PDF peek at a handful of some of the 157 hand-tool-woodworking helpers  in Robert Wearing’s “The Solution at Hand: Jigs & Fixtures to Make Benchwork Easier,” excerpted from the Marking Aids and Cramps chapters (along with the author’s introduction and the table of contents).


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6 Responses to Free Excerpt from ‘The Solution at Hand’

  1. Hey Megan, you may want to change PDP to PDF 🙂 (unless you’re giving away old computers).


  2. Neil Greene says:

    Really?? Cramps??


  3. Neil Greene says:

    Didn’t realize it was a British book.


  4. Neil Greene says:

    Thanks, I’ll buy you a pint .


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