Soft Wax for Sale (Might be the Last for a While)


Somehow amongst all the chaos of moving, my daughter Katherine managed to make a good-sized batch of soft wax. You can now pick up a jar from her etsy store.

This might be the last batch for a while. We are taking her to college next weekend. And her cooking apparatus was damaged in the move. So I need to get her cooking pot repaired. And Katherine needs to focus on being a college student first and a wax princess second.

She’s (amazingly) sold more than 1,000 jars of wax since she started cooking it in our basement in Fort Mitchell. Thanks to the profit she made, Katherine was able to buy her own smartphone, XBox and other consumer goods that stimulated the local economy.

So thanks for supporting her all these years.

I hope she is able to continue making wax once she is settled in at college, but I can’t make any promises.

— Christopher Schwarz


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10 Responses to Soft Wax for Sale (Might be the Last for a While)

  1. Matthew Holbrook says:

    Tell Katherine my well wishes in her studies.


  2. Wayne says:

    Nice one! And any news on the results of the sticker survey/when we can order them from the other arm of Schwarz Enterprises?


  3. jglen490 says:

    I have bought her soft wax, and it’s really nice stuff! But, more important I wish her well on this next part of her journey.


  4. eaia says:

    Send compliments to Katherine on her accomplishments as an entrepreneur.


  5. CRae says:

    I have some of her wax that I left in the original metal can too long, and it has developed rust. Is it still usable, or should I buy more?

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  6. smiles says:

    Reading the label too quickly, ( and its upside down in the photo) I thought it said ” from the antichrist’s daughter” which made me catch my breath and made myself reread it slowly. Now its clear to me, the Sun is out and the threatened thunderstorm disappeared as if it had never been. Will now visit her Etsy store.


  7. Jeff says:

    The best of luck to Katherine! I still have some of the wax in the tin. My last child graduated this past May.

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  8. Harder wax polishes also typically last longer than creams, as they’re not designed to condition leather as much and are more for shining up the surface while adding some extra scuff protection.


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