New in Store: ‘The Joiner & Cabinet-Maker’ Historical Reprint


This is a digital mock-up of the cover. The real cover will have far more texture.

You can now place a pre-publication order for our historical reprint of “The Joiner & Cabinet-Maker,” which will ship out in late September.

The price is just $12 as a thank-you to everyone who has supported us during the last 12 years.

The book is a copy of the original text from the early 19th century, likely 1839. It tells the fictional story of young Thomas and his apprenticeship in a rural British joinery shop. Plus there’s the villain, Sam, and the love interest, Sally. What’s most interesting about the book is the descriptions of historical practice. The anonymous author was clearly someone who had grown up in a period workshop.

This historical reprint is being printed on high-bulk paper to feel like the original text. The signatures are sewn for durability, like the original. And the book is covered in a heavy textured paper with gold debossing. (The original had a paper cover with a thin cloth cover, but we couldn’t find a printer that could do this economically.)

It’s a small book (4-1/8” x 6-3/8”) and a quick read – just 120 pages. And produced and printed entirely in the USA.

After the reprint arrives in our warehouse in September, we will also offer it bundled with our 2009 version of “The Joiner & Cabinet Maker,” which features essays from Joel Moskowitz and additional construction information from me. For now, we’re taking pre-publication orders for people who want the reprint only. This will keep the shipping situation much simpler.

As always, we don’t ship internationally. But we will offer this book to our international retailers. It is up to them as to whether they will stock it.

— Christopher Schwarz

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14 Responses to New in Store: ‘The Joiner & Cabinet-Maker’ Historical Reprint

  1. Bill Edwards says:

    Done…. and….. DONE. I love what you do. Keep it up. Thanks to everyone at LAP. Including the cats.

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  2. Richard Mahler says:

    Since I don’t have the 2009 publishing, I am going to go for the bundle when you make it available.


  3. hiscarpentry says:

    Glad I caught it in time!


  4. You have moments of being a crappy businessman. Why aren’t you pushing Roy Underhill’s audiobook version? All the cool kids are playing it. I won’t even mention what it says when played in reverse.

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  5. Roland Stewart Chapman says:

    When will this book come to your Oz distributors ?


  6. This will sit very nicely beside my (somewhat dogeared and dusty) 2009 edition, thank you, but I do feel as though I’m ripping you off and should at least send you some cookies or something.


  7. joelcarp says:

    Hi, I ordered and just received the 2009 Book. Will I receive the historical reprint in September per your bundle offer?

    Joel Carp Sent from my iPhone



  8. Brian Hardy says:

    I live in Canada and your preamble says you don’t ship Internationally. Me sad. My grtGrandfather and my 2xgrtGrandfather and my 3xgrtGrandfathers were carpenters and joiners in the East end of London, England. The had a sizable shop and I would assume they had apprentices. Same time frame as your book. I am sure your book would add some flavour to my Family History book I have been working on.


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