‘The Difference Makers’ Shipping Soon


Number One Chairs by Michael Fortune (photo by Michael Cullen)

At long last, our printing plant has shipped Marc Adams’s new book “The Difference Makers” to our warehouse. The book is en route to Indianapolis and should arrive at the dock on Monday or Tuesday.

After it arrives, our warehouse staff will immediately fill all the pre-publication orders. I don’t know exactly when that will start, but it should be quick.

If you have been thinking about buying this book, this is the last chance to get the pdf of the book for free. After Tuesday, the pdf will cost an extra $18 when you buy the book.

You can read a couple short excerpts here.

We are excited to see this book for many reasons. As a book nerd, I can’t wait to see how well the photos reproduced on the heavy #100 Endurance silk paper we picked out for the job. The photos should be gorgeous. Plus, we’ve never printed a book in an 11” x 11” format.

Like all Lost Art Press books, this one has been an emotional and technical challenge for everyone. Marc spent years gathering the stories and writing about the 30 makers featured in this book. Marc and our editors spent almost as much time gathering, editing and getting permissions for the hundreds of photos in the book, many of them published for the first time. And our prepress people have wrestled with this book since April, trying to get it on press at a printing plant that has been disrupted by new ownership.

I’ve read the book several times already during the editing process, so I already know it was worth the effort. And I hope you do, too.

— Christopher Schwarz

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  1. Dave Polaschek says:

    It was a treat to read it on my iPad. Really hoping the photos are as drool-worthy on paper as they look on-screen. I still think including a LAP bib would be a good idea.

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