GONE to a Good Home (or Stronghold/Castle)


Both items are gone. Sorry.

With only two weeks until we move above the storefront, we are both excited and desperate to unload stuff that will simply not fit into our small apartment upstairs.

We have given a lot of stuff away to charity and family. Some stuff – prototypes mostly – are simply too unusual. So I’m going to offer them here for free pickup. The first one who says they will come get it before Aug. 1 gets it. We don’t have time to crate and ship these. Sorry. The best we can do is help you load it into your vehicle.

You can send me a message via my personal site. Don’t try to use the comments or help@lostartpress.com. Despite the email address, they can’t help you there.

Dugout Chair
This experiment was made with a huge silver maple tree. Pine seat. Deer antlers (these were shed by the deer – no deer were upset or inconvenienced or shot). The chair is 46” wide at the base, 32” deep and 48” tall. It weighs about 250 lbs.

If you are planning on establishing your own kingdom, we’ve got your bargain-basement throne.


This was a prototype for “The Anarchist’s Design Book.” Poplar base with a white pine top. The top is finished with soap. The base is finished with milk paint with a coat of protective lacquer. Measures 48” square x 30” tall.

— Christopher Schwarz

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