Hats for Rednecks (and Not Rednecks)


Here’s the latest chapter in the Lost Art Press Hat Saga. Book 14, chapter six, verse 12.

Short version: We have new hats in the store now. They fit well, are reasonably priced and are available in tan and (by request) camouflage. Other facts to know: They are embroidered on demand. We make almost no money on these – they are just for fun. We like hats because we sometimes don’t shower in the morning.

Longer version: Finding the right hat to sell has been a long journey. Yes, there are bespoke milliners out there that we have investigated. We love good merchandise, but we just can’t fathom selling a baseball cap for $75 to $100.

We wanted a hat that you wouldn’t cry over if you left it at the baseball park. We wanted a fairly low profile to the crown – the ridiculously tall trucker caps are not for us. And we wanted something unstructured and that would break in quickly.

This hat, made in Bangladesh, ticks all those boxes. Yes, we’d rather have a USA-made hat. But we couldn’t find one that we liked and thought was reasonable in price.

This one is $24.50. It takes a beating. It’s easily adjustable with a friction buckle. It’s well-ventilated. And it survives the washer and dryer just fine. We wish it were less expensive, but this is the best we can do.

When I showed the prototype on Instagram, I also threw in my personal camo hat in the background. I grew up in Arkansas and would have worn a camo tuxedo to my wedding, had Lucy allowed it. My fellow rednecks clamored mightily for us to sell the camo hat as well as the tan. And so we abided.

Do not let me down, rednecks.

— Christopher Schwarz

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Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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11 Responses to Hats for Rednecks (and Not Rednecks)

  1. fitz says:


  2. hgordon4 says:

    Oh hell yeah! Not letting you down – just bought two!

  3. Todd Henry says:

    Ordered. Would love a blue one as well. Thanks for doing this

  4. John Koenig says:

    It’s almost impossible to get apparel that’s not from Bangladesh, at least you found a good supplier. The transparency on source is appreciated. I saw an ad for Graco paint sprayers yesterday that said “most” of their stuff is “virtually entirely” made from “supply from the U.S.”. Try deciphering THAT origin statement.

    Also, this redneck bought camo. Hope the ducks don’t mind your logo.

  5. Is there an opening in the back for Megan’s ponytail?

  6. “The dude abides”

  7. Hilton says:

    Nice except these are not hats. Just sell a boonie or something similar that will actually keep the sun off my red neck.

  8. Chris Haynes says:

    Love the hats, but you should really sell them with a side of bread pudding.

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