New Core77 Column: The Exploitation of Wood


My July column for Core77 is now available to read (for free, as always) and discusses what I call the “exploitation” of wood. Here’s the direct link.

The column is, at its heart, about why you should learn everything possible about your raw materials – I seek to know wood as well as I know my wife, Lucy. And it demonstrates how this deep knowledge can be used using three examples from woodworking. In other words, it’s fairly woodworking-y.

The next column will be on the process and strategies I use to design furniture, especially the overall form. Yes, some of this is covered in “The Anarchist’s Design Book.” Some isn’t.

— Christopher Schwarz

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Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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4 Responses to New Core77 Column: The Exploitation of Wood

  1. Philip Edwards says:

    Chris, a Danish Gent I watch on a Youtube channel makes things using a bench in the same style as the illustration above. Here’s a link … You’ll see him using a drawknife attachment he smithed himself, as well. There’s no speaking, just great skills in use.
    All the best, Philly

  2. Bob Morgan says:

    Nice blog. I learned some things reading the Core 77.

  3. says:

    I tried to print your core77 extract- could not. Any reason you have blocked this extract? Thank You,,

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