And You Will Pass Through Chairmaking

civic arch of chairs High Wycombe

High Wycombe itself has reacted to civic events with real enthusiasm over the years, and when any Royal event or visit has been arranged, pride of place among the bunting and crowns and other decorations has been the traditional arch of chairs which spans the road by the Guildhall. Rising over 30 feet, it consisted of a solid mass of six or seven hundred chairs surmounted by a row of the large more opulent armchairs on the top.”

— “The English Country Chair” by Ivan G. Sparkes (Spurbooks Ltd., 1973)

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11 Responses to And You Will Pass Through Chairmaking

  1. Wow. I literally just got a copy of this book a week ago.


  2. fitz says:

    Did you find it? (The broadsheet)


  3. Is your goal to build enough chairs to make an arch? Arc de Covington.

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  4. Joe says:

    Mayhap the source of the common British toast: “Chairs!”


  5. Have a chair by Stewart Linford of High Wyocmbe . . . It’s a Nelson chair made from discarded oak taken from HMS VICTORY, Nelson’s flag ship….


  6. antinonymous says:

    And according to the Wikipedia: Weighing the mayor in High Wycombe
    A ceremony carried out in the town since 1678 involves the weighing of the mayor. At the beginning and end of each year of service, the mayor is weighed in full view of the public to see whether or not he has gained weight, presumably at the taxpayers’ expense. The custom, which has survived to the present day, employs the same weighing apparatus used since the 19th century. When the result is known, the town crier announces “And no more!” if the mayor has not gained weight or “And some more!” if he has. His actual weight is not declared.

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  7. Mark D Baker says:

    looks like it might take a while, might be better to sit and ponder, is there a chair for me?


  8. kohalabeeman says:

    My best Chair was a rocking chair for 2. Rather than side by side, you sat offset and facing each other. This meant you were close enough to express affection while looking into each other’s eyes.


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