Dimensions for the Nicholson Campaign Chest

Nicholson Campaign Chest~

Several people have asked for drawings of the three-tiered Nicholson campaign chest I’m finishing up this month.

The bad news: I don’t have detailed drawings.

Good news: You don’t need them.

The chest is built using the same techniques shown in “Campaign Furniture.” The only differences are the drawer graduations and the fact that there are three cases instead of two. I suppose that the feet are a bit different, but I just made those up and you can do that, too.

The hardware is stuff you can buy at Horton Brasses.

Below is a zipped SketchUp file of my working drawing. It is just a box with some dimensions on it – nothing to get excited about (there’s a reason they have “sketch” in the name of the program). If you don’t own SketchUp, you can open the file in the free SketchUp viewer.

Nicholson Campaign Chest~.skp

— Christopher Schwarz

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6 Responses to Dimensions for the Nicholson Campaign Chest

  1. Looks like everything’s 7/8″ thick. That’s pretty stout – why?


    • A lot of originals that I have measured used 7/8″. In fact, thicker stuff is more common on older pieces in general.


    • Back in the day, almost nothing had pieces that are 3/4 thick. It’s the one measurement you are almost guaranteed ever to see. It’s neither here nor there — too thick, or not thick enough. I’m sure there is an explanation connected to the change in sawmills, thickness planes, and buying pre-planed lumber that can explain why we became wedded to 3/4 inch lumber. But it’s a fairly recent development.

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  2. Curtis Lee Zeitelhack says:

    I’m guessing that the added stresses of taking apart and moving campaign furniture repeatedly was the reason for the stouter wood.


  3. hgordon4 says:

    Thank you Chris.


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