New: ‘The Difference Makers’ by Marc Adams


“Number One Chairs” by Michael Fortune (photo by Michael Cullen)

Editor’s note: I haven’t been able to talk much about “The Difference Makers”  by Marc Adams because the printing plant’s schedule has been quite messed up. We weren’t sure when it would go on press. Well we now know the book will be delivered in mid-July. If you order before the book is delivered, you will receive a free pdf download of the book at checkout.

The book is $72 and you can place a pre-publication order here.

— Christopher Schwarz

Thanks to the internet, you can see a lot of interesting work with ease. But it’s easy to forget that the vast majority of the images on your screen are of pieces that are derivative, merely acceptable in their craftsmanship and were made by people at the beginning of their journey.

When you encounter true greatness it is shocking, inspiring and a bit humbling. The hair on your neck might stand on end. Your stomach might lurch like you were on a roller coaster. You might want to quit your job.

Encountering this kind of greatness is also an incredibly rare experience these days.

Since 1993, Marc Adams has invited hundreds of the best craftsmen and women to teach at his woodworking school in Franklin, Ind., which has grown to become the country’s (if not the world’s) largest. Every year, thousands of students soak up the instruction from a who’s who list of woodworkers and artists in multiple disciplines.


“Fall Front Desk with Cat” by Silas Kopf (photo by David Ryan)

Every year, Marc has expanded the school and brought in a different mix of new instructors and veteran ones. As a result, he has figured out who is the best. He’s seen their work. He’s seen them at work.

Now Marc has selected the 30 best men and women makers that he’s worked with for his new book, “The Difference Makers: 30 Contemporary Makers; 30 Remarkable Stories.” It’s a sweeping journey into the work and lives of a diverse group of people, from pure traditional woodworkers to people whose brain is from the future. Furniture makers. Toolmakers. Luthiers. Sculptors. Engravers.


“Inferno” by Michael Hosaluk (photo by Trent Watts)

Each chapter reads like a short biographical novel – recounting the person’s life and how they became the artisan they are today. Then Marc offers an analysis and interpretation of their work – why it’s special – and tells a few stories about what they are like in the workshop.

And then there’s a gallery of the person’s work. Even if you never read a single word of “The Difference Makers,” we think you will spend hours poring over the photos.

All of this is wrapped up in a beautiful and huge book – 11” x 11” and 260 pages long. The large and square format of the book allowed us to reproduce the images as large as possible. The book is printed on a heavy and coated #100 stock – the nicest and smoothest paper we could find. Like all our books, the pages are sewn together and bound with fiber tape so the binding will outlast you. The book is hardbound with the boards covered in cotton cloth. And the entire package is wrapped with a long-wearing full-color dust jacket. It is made in the United States (Tennessee) using domestic materials.

We are honored to have worked with Marc and the 30 outstanding people featured in this book. Collecting their stories took Marc decades. Writing it all down took more than two years. And we are proud to present it to you so you can be inspired by it for many years to come.

This book will ship in mid-July.

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  1. Neil D Mosey says:

    This publication is showing up with price discrepancy between the blog post and the pre-order page…a bargain at either price though you shall likely want to fix it.

    • The price went out wrong this morning in the email. My mistake. It should be the same – $72 – on both the blog entry and the store description now.

  2. neitsdelf says:

    Ordered mine. I see PayPal is back. Thanks for the convenience. Hope it’s not too expensive.

  3. Daniel Williamson says:

    Out of curiosity, will you let us know the names of the 30 makers chosen for the book? Thanks

  4. Ordered. As I didn’t recall being interviewed, I didn’t think I was on the list of 30. But still, I was a little disappointed when I read the table of contents.

  5. 4sawdust says:

    Blog Says $68, yet if you follow the link to order the price is $72??

    • As mentioned earlier, that was a mistake on my part. The blog was fixed immediately. But we can’t fix the emails that went out…. Sorry for the mistake.

    • mike says:

      There goes Schwarz, getting rich $4 of bait and switch at a time 🙂

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