Nearing the End of ‘The Book of Plates’


Final notice: We have fewer than 100 copies of “The Book of Plates” left in stock. When it is sold out, it will be gone forever. The book is at the almost-losing-money price of $49.

If you live outside the United States, you can buy the book at this rock-bottom price at Lee Valley, which is also closing out its stock. Link here. Highland Woodworking also has it for $49.

For those of you who have purchased the book, thank you for helping us clear out this title, which was gobbling up storage fees at our warehouse because it is so massive.

— Christopher Schwarz


About Lost Art Press

Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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23 Responses to Nearing the End of ‘The Book of Plates’

  1. nidhogg00 says:

    Will there be any more additions to your Roubo series in the future?

  2. stevelelaurin6420 says:

    I bought one, and it is truly a stunning publication. Now if I can just think of someone as addicted to woodworking as I am with a birthday coming up …

  3. James Bailey says:

    I bought one and love it. Beautiful presentation. Thank you for this special book.

  4. denver80203 says:

    The moment I opened mine I gasped. I feel a bit guilty taking advantage of your pain.

  5. Steve Wanless says:

    Pity. But for John Hoffman’s self importance, after I received my book and realized the quality of it, I would have paid the balance for the full price. A text or phone call from him (or anyone at LAP) was all I requested. 

    • John is in the middle of moving house this month. He’s somewhere on the road today. Please remember: We are two people. We’re not Lee Valley or Lie-Nielsen with a customer service department. We try to return all emails and calls, but it can take time.

      Thanks for the note. And know that we ignore no one.

  6. I just want to say to all involved in this book, thank you for making this book! When I received my copy in the mail and opened it I honestly was speechless. I couldn’t believe that I owned this book and that I can now pick it up and browse and put it back down. Thank you so much!

  7. John Kunstman says:

    For those that are on the fence about buying this book. Buy one! I bought my copy years ago as well as With All the Percision Possible. You will be surprised at how many times you will look to these books when designing a piece of furniture. They are perfect resource material. The quality of the books is top notch, that has also been noticed by clients when they are browsing through the pages.

  8. Joe says:

    Thanks Chris. I have mine and it is beautiful. I now feel slightly guilty that I got it at such a steep discount. Sorry for my sin, I will buy more LAP books as atonement.

    Speaking of books, I really enjoyed the Ingenious Mekaniks book. What I really liked was the historical research going back 2000 years. Something I would find fascinating to read and own, would be a book that does a deep history dive into wood joinery itself. I am sure complex wood joints have been made for millennia. I don’t know of a book out there that delves into it. It would be cool to know that my dovetail joint or mortise and tennon, etc has an artifact that was found that is 10,000 years old, etc. Just a thought. I am sure you get many book suggestions.

  9. laterthanuthink says:

    Thank you for offering this and the Plate 11 translation. Is a complete translation available?

  10. nickswoodworks says:

    Why is this book not shipped to the UK???

    • We don’t ship internationally. It would cost you a fortune.

      Classic Hand Tools does not carry it (that’s their business, not ours).

      Dictum in Germany carries it at the sale price:

      • nickswoodworks says:

        Obviously you do ship internationally if Classic Hand Tools in the UK and Dictum in Germany stock your publications!! By the way Dictum are out of stock!! No more Lost Art Press for me then. Thanks for nothing guys……

        • Lighten up, Francis.

          • I’m a little miffed that you wouldn’t come to my house and read it to me. I even offered you a cold beverage.

            I asked Megan to come and read Nicholson in a cockney accent. I never even heard back from her.

        • Matthew Holbrook says:


          As a woodworker here in the US who has benefited greatly from the books and instruction available through Lost Art Press I can say that they have done an admirable job. I do not appreciate the diatribe that you post here about not being able to obtain a copy of the Book of Plates. Hard-working men and women like John, Chris and Megan are worthy of gratitude respect and honor for the hard work and knowledge that they have contributed to the larger woodworking community. They do not need a bitter complaining attitude such as youu have posted here.

  11. Steve Vlahos says:

    Recognising the impressive quality and effort put into this book I felt compelled to overcome my guilt at acquiring it for a steal, by ordering the Deluxe Roubo in Furniture. I’m certain these books will outlast us all and one of my great grandchildren will thank me for literally paying it forward. These are not cheap books and nor should they be given the amazing quality. But I suspect future generations may need to take out a loan to acquire one of these special gems.

    • Youll need to build a bigger bookcase for the deluxe Roubo. It’s the biggest book I own, by far.

      You can use it as a veneer press, too.

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