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carpal-tunnel-saw-coI thought having sponsors would be easy – wear their T-shirts and cash their checks. Sadly, we’ve have had a bumpy relationship with both Hold Harmless clamps and Malodorous Mallet. (We, ahem, have a couple gross of Malodorous-brand mallets to give away at the next open day, FYI.)

Thanks goodness for CTS Co., makers of the Tenonitis (TM) Joinery Saws. To celebrate, we’ll be putting their new line of Joint Ripper saws through their paces in our shop in the coming weeks.

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24 Responses to Our Newest Sponsor

  1. johncashman73 says:

    I’ll buy one, but only if it has a laser.


  2. Bob Easton says:

    speaking of t-shirts…. or at least some stickers of these wonderful partners


  3. Steven D'Amico says:

    I live in Central Florida and live oak is by far the most common tree. They were planted everywhere, and after living hear a while you can recognize the different cultivars, or pick out the non-human planted ones that have been around for hundreds of years. The type, and where the tree grew has a huge impact on how hard it is to work. The smaller ones grown in suburbia are easier to work with because they don’t have the environmental hardships that lead to gnarly grain, but they lack some of the character.

    There are a few family owned local saw mills that rescue them from the firewood guys when they come down. Hurricane Irma took a bunch of ancient ones down, which is really, really sad, but in about 10 years when they dry out, some people are going to make a fortune off of the rounds they were able to get (we’re talking 8 feet diameters in some cases, kid you not). One sawyer I know joked they were likely to pay for his kid’s college. With the normal stuff, you can get really fairly priced 4/4 and 8/4 from them, and they tend to use the straighter grained pieces for it (the same stuff boat builders would look for).

    But, one of the things I love about live oak is that you can get some of the most unique grain patterns you’ve ever seen. They are very heavy trees, and as they grow the grain can do some crazy stuff to accommodate all that weight. I’ve got a big limb drying out that has gorgeous waves, and I’m finishing off a Lost Art Press inspired Roman Workbench out of a giant slab I purchased wet.

    What I really wish is I could find someone to slice veneer off of some of the grain I’ve collected, but it’s not like I have whole tress to make it worth their while. Sure I can make bandsaw veneer but you don’t get as much. Sometimes I dream of buying industrial veneer slicing equipment!


    • STEVEN D'AMICO says:

      And, I’m an idiot, this was supposed to be on the Underhill mallet post! Oh well.


      • Ricky Pattillo says:

        Hey I still enjoyed reading your comment. I live in north Georgia, far outside Live Oak’s native range. I dream of working with the stuff though. One of these days I’ll take a trailer down to Florida and get as much as I can.


        • John says:

          Ugh – I salvaged some live oak limbs from a neighbor’s roadside trash pile.
          Made a sledge hammer handle. Pain to shape but a pleasure to hold.


  4. Ray Gritche says:

    If you make a Tee shirt with this design, I will want one.


  5. Eeyore says:

    Have you talked to the “All Smiles Carpentry Company” yet?


  6. ctrega says:

    Will you be in their booth doing “meet and greets” at the AWFS Vegas show?


  7. Jeff Luft says:

    I’ll take 30 shirts. Hurtz, TX is my Mecca.


  8. Harvey H Kimsey says:

    Ok Chris…you got me. I actually went and goggled them. It’s not even April 1!


  9. Joshua Cochran says:

    I am an occupational therapist who treats hand injuries! I hope we can work out some sort of referral system. I’ll buy you lunch a steak lunch once a month and you send me the list of names of anyone who buys the saws through your site!


  10. So I’m guessing that gluten free, vegan, lactose free, biscuit jointer company fell through? Maybe you could pick up Rotater Cuff Sander Co.


  11. Pascal Teste says:

    I hear they also make the best LBP (Lower Back Pain) Back Saw. They ship it rapped in a nice Hernia Belt.


  12. Mike says:

    Maybe put a call into the Assless Chaps Cargo Pants company. They are perfect for farting around in the shop.


  13. toolnut says:

    I wonder if they are associated with Carpal Tunnel Screwdrivers.


  14. Jason in Golden says:

    Or, you could reduce traffic jams by promoting carpool tunnels


  15. Richard Mahler says:

    I bought from the Jet Plane Company but got wood splinter rash from being dragged through my work. Gave up on it. Only using my Just Plain Planes now.


  16. Richard Mahler says:

    I tried a seen instead of a saw, but it was the wrong tense.


  17. Jistin says:

    Seriously @lostartpress this one deserves a T-shirt…


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