‘Book of Plates’ on Sale for $49


You can now buy “The Book of Plates” by A.-J. Roubo for just $49 – a significant savings from the regular $120 price. This the first sale we’ve had since we started Lost Art Press in 2007, and it likely will be the last.

This is a huge book – 11” x 17”. Printed in the United States on #100 Mohawk paper. Sewn and bound in Michigan. Beautifully made.


The book features all of the drawings (called “plates”) from André Roubo’s masterpiece “l’Art du menuisier.” There are detailed drawings of every kind of furniture form, plus tools, interior trim and architectural woodwork, carriage making, marquetry and garden furniture. It’s a fascinating and illustrated look into the 18th century world of material culture and woodwork.

Why is it on sale? We ordered way too many – a huge mistake. And the storage fees are significant for this book because of its size. Our choice: recycle the books for pulp or try to sell them at a crazy low price. We chose the latter because we hate to see such workmanship destroyed.

This is the last chance you’ll have to buy this book new. We won’t be reprinting it. So order now (or email us in 10 years begging us to reprint it….).

— Christopher Schwarz


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28 Responses to ‘Book of Plates’ on Sale for $49

  1. benjamin foucaud says:

    Hi. No chance to make 2 ex cross the border, destination France ?


  2. Jonathan Hershey says:

    I just received a copy and there may not be words to describe how beautiful this book is. I feel like I should put on a suit just to be in the same room with it.


  3. Garrick says:

    As a a store manager I understand your pain. Nothing is worse then having expensive merchandise that won’t move. And unfortunately at the end of the day something is better than nothing, especially if it’s costing you money. We have some really nice product in the discount bins at our store, because it was taking shelf space from stuff that was selling. It is always a hard lesson.


  4. johncashman73 says:

    It’s a wonderful book, and exquisitely made. I bought it when it first came out, and I’m tempted to buy another.


  5. Chief says:

    Good morning. The book looks great. On the download link. Was the download only the one chapter?


  6. jrsftc says:

    I bought this when it first came out. And I just bought another. I have no earthly use for it, but it can’t be passed up at this price. Eventually, it will make a great gift for the right person…


  7. Al says:

    I purchased when it first came out at full price. Well worth the price. If its still on sale next month, I’ll be getting another copy, might get two. Thinking the second one might be a very interesting gift for those who like to color in those fancy coloring books. Heck I might do that with a few pages and maybe frame a few more. They are beautiful. If you’re on the fence about this book, get it if you have the funds. Its just too beautiful inside to pass up


    • tsstahl says:

      And useful! Looking at full size plates while reading the companion books is very helpful.


      • toolnut says:

        Yup and the best reason (aside from the current great price) for someone with the standard editions to purchase this. You can see the detail easier and in a lot of cases you won’t have to keep flipping pages between the picture of the plate and the text to figure out what Roubo is describing in the text. Just my two cents (and everyone else’s $49 bucks).


  8. ctdahle says:

    I’d been putting pennies in a jar for this one, and for a lump hammer, which made for a dilemma last week, but I’m gambling that y’all’re’gon’na make a couple more batches of lump hammers.

    The book would have been worth every penny at full price, but I was able to apply my mad money to the other two Roubo books as well. They arrived yesterday. Kept me up until the middle of the night last night and I’m not worth much this morning. Beautiful books, in content, design, and manufacturing workmanship.

    But next time, I’m buying a lump hammer. If that keeps me up all night, at least it will be because I am making something. I should know by now to only buy books in the dead of winter when I need something by the fireside because it’s too expensive to heat the shop.


  9. Don Williams says:

    Heck, I’m the author and I am buying several copies for both practical reasons (need to have , one for quick reference in the shop, in the living room, next to the bed, within easy reach of the dining table, in the back seat of the truck, etc.) and for gifts.

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  10. Gerald says:

    Just ordered mine. Thank you for graciously allowing your loss to be our gain.


    • Gerald says:

      Just got my copy. When I ordered I was of course thrilled about the sale price but a little miffed by the high S&H charge. That was before I had to pick up the package off the front porch. Uffda! that hurt the ole hernia. Thanks LAP.


  11. tsstahl says:

    I’m deciding whether to pick up more than a second copy or not. This book is just one more proof of how I’m so not like most people. I couldn’t wait to pounce on it the first time around. I ‘knew’ it wouldn’t be around long; again, my idea of cool is just too far off the bell curve.

    On an unrelated note, your new warehouse is really cutting into my customer practices. As a semi-local I count on my end of year trip to the storefront to pick up blems of whatever title(s) in which I’m interested. I received my Follansbee book yesterday. The book traveled under a rain cloud the whole way carried by the Samsonite Gorilla. It came out of the packaging dry as a bone in pristine ++ condition. 🙂


  12. Byron Servies says:

    My order has arrived! At this point I am certain the list of your books I do not own is shorter than the ones I have. This week my lunchtime reading is the delightful and informative “Doormaking and Window-making.” The author really had a knack for clarity.

    I thing my garden gate could do with replacement this summer. Hmmm.


  13. holtdoa says:

    Beautiful book. I thought it would have a slip cover like the other deluxe formats. Any way to order one?


  14. Sam says:

    I’m pretty local. Can I get one at your store front?


    • Brendan is running a class this weekend. If you stop by between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on Saturday or Sunday then someone should be able to sell you one – assuming we haven’t sold out by then.


  15. Forrest Goodrich says:

    When you said “This is a huge book – 11” x 17””, you weren’t kidding. Received mine yesterday, and just holding it in my hands I sat with mouth agape! Beautifully done book, thank you.


  16. Chief Bear says:

    Book arrived today, WOW! If you’re reading these comments and haven’t ordered a copy better get with it. An incredible resource.


  17. countercosta1952 says:

    Mine just showed up. The box was a bit disheveled but the book is perfect. Thank you.


  18. Kapow says:

    Heh. Mine showed up, the box wasn’t disheveled, but the book looks like it propped up a backhoe for a few weeks. Cupped like a bowl with an odd impression pressed into the cover. Oh well.


  19. Madeleine says:

    Received mine last week. It is an unbelievably beautiful production, of highest quality.

    What really surprised me was how extensive the plate categories were: craft details that reach into lesser-known areas of 18th century life: the construction of carriages, pipe organ cabinets, custom tools and machines, etc. I am sure it is impossible to document a complete inventory of woodworking in all areas of 18th century life, but these plates are are a wonderful representation of the level of sophistication and aesthetic excellence woodworkers of the time attained.

    Another surprise was the superb clarity of visual explanations depicting design concepts and technical details. Who can know the time spent on such detailed drawings? It must have been an enormous and expensive undertaking.

    This book is invaluable. Thank you for making it available to us, even though it represents a loss to you; that is exceedingly kind and generous!


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