This Cat Would Like to Sell You Some Soft Wax


Katherine has just completed another batch of soft wax, which is available in for sale in her etsy store. Soft wax is great for the interiors of your projects. We use it on our lump hammers. And one customer really likes it on his shoes as a polish.

However you use it, don’t put it on your beard. It contains turpentine, which is an irritant.

Katherine cooks up the wax in our basement using a waterless process and puts it in heavy glass jars with metal lids. The interior of the lids are coated with a plastic to prevent any rust from forming.

And then Bean the three-legged cat swoops in to steal all the attention.

— Christopher Schwarz

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6 Responses to This Cat Would Like to Sell You Some Soft Wax

  1. No, definitely not beard butter. But I will admit to using it on my Wilcox boots.


  2. stlww18 says:

    I was just looking at the linseed oil and beeswax finish you used on your Anarchist’s staked stool. Would this work as well, or does the charred finish in the stool require the linseed oil?


  3. Matthew Holbrook says:


    Is that the foot / leg of your dining table that is behind the jar of wax and next to Bean ? If that is a great looking leg then the whole table must be attractive. Especially if Bean should nap on the tabletop.


  4. Meadowlane Woodworks says:

    Aaaand….it’s gone! Just like the lump hammer, I have to learn to be faster if I want to get one!


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