‘Never Despair – Nothing Without Labour’ T-shirts


One of my favorite stickers we’ve printed is from a 1905 billhead from Bittner, Hunsicker & Co. The Allentown, Pa., company made hoisery, knit goods and overalls. I own two of the original billheads and have done some high-resolution scanning and digital cleaning to produce an image that is suitable for a T-shirt.

As this was a sticker for my daughter’s etsy store, I decided to let her sell the T-shirt as well. Not only is this fair, it is necessary. Madeline is returning to school. This fall she will enroll at the University of Pittsburgh’s Graduate School of Public Health to pursue a PhD in Infectious Diseases and Microbiology.

And so she will be dirt poor again. So stickers and T-shirts to the rescue.

The “Never Despair – Nothing Without Labour” shirt is printed on a 100 percent cotton American Apparel shirt that is made in California. The T-shirt is short sleeved, asphalt colored and available in sizes from small to 4X. The shirt is $25 (with a $2 upcharge for 2X and larger) plus shipping. The shirt is available worldwide.

You can order the shirt here.

If you experience trouble (you shouldn’t), please do not email Lost Art Press – they can’t help you. Contact Maddy through her etsy store and she will take care of you.

— Christopher Schwarz

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11 Responses to ‘Never Despair – Nothing Without Labour’ T-shirts

  1. johncashman73 says:

    Orders placed. We’ll all need Maddy’s expertise when the apporoaching zombie apocalypse hits.

  2. Rick VandenHeuvel says:

    I will get one soon. Is she going into Infectious disease because of Lyme disease? That’s what I’d do if I could. Worst damn infection in the world today.

    • Joe Natishan says:

      Actually, anaerobic infections are the worst. I had Lyme disease 20 yrs ago, caught it early, and antibiotics kicked its butt. True that if diagnosed late they’re bad but a friend of mine had an anaerobic infection in his arm – they had to filet his arm open to allow oxygen to kill the bacteria in the muscle. He still has several surgeries in front of him. Just nasty.

  3. Robert Brazile says:

    From one parent of a grad student at Pitt to another, congratulations. My daughter loves it there. Will buy a shirt.

  4. Aaron Tobul says:

    As an alum and employee of Pitt let me offer my congratulations. The Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History are literally across the street from the Cathedral of Learning. They have some very nice furniture on exhibit (and a great collection of Dinosaurs, too). Some of the nationality rooms in the Cathedral itself would probably interest you as well (see http://www.nationalityrooms.pitt.edu/ ). If I can give you any pointers about the school or neighborhoods, please feel free to contact me.

  5. Jason Lester says:

    Any plans to make a “We make iney thin…” shirt?

  6. Eberle, Joseph says:

    The scraper I received has the name upside down.Can I exchange it for one right side up?

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  7. Bruce Lee says:

    Please let Maddie sell Lost Art Press shirts and hats to us International customers through her store. Some shops get your t-shirts but only get smaller sizes (or the staff grab all the larger sizes first). I for one would be prepared to pay a few dollars more to be able to get something that fits in a design I like.

  8. Woodwoman says:

    Thanks for sharing!!!! Im getting into this….

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