Watch Jögge Sundqvist Build a Chair


Jögge Sundqvist, the author of “Slöjd in Wood,” was recently featured on the Swedish program Go’kväll and is shown building and painting a chair.

The program is in Swedish, but you can still learn a lot from watching the video. First, it’s great to see where Jögge works and the incredible pile of potential parts he warehouses. Also nice: The way he splits the spindles for the backrest and then carves them so they are sympathetic to the pith in the branches. And the details on how he fits his legs.

You can see his finished chair on his Instagram feed.

To watch, click here and scroll forward to the 32:00 mark – just after the make-up tips.

— Christopher Schwarz


P.S. Thanks to Heather Barthell for the tip!

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5 Responses to Watch Jögge Sundqvist Build a Chair

  1. Alan - planesaw says:

    Easy to translate into English subtitles. Interesting to be able to see his shop and the kind of work he does. Thanks.

  2. Pascal Teste says:

    Thanks for the link, he is a true artist. That’s a beautiful apron he wears!

  3. Heather B. says:

    Regarding translation…I use Chrome for my browser. Whenever I click on the replay, a message appears asking if I want to translate the page. Click yes.

    The video control bar (play/stop/volume) at the bottom of the screen has an option to show subtitles. It looks like a text box with lines in it. Choose Av (Swedish) and the subtitle will appear first in Swedish, then in English.

  4. Klaus N. Skrudland says:

    Thanks for the heads up!

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