Lump Hammers are SOLD OUT


I just dropped off another big load of lump hammers at our warehouse and they are ready to ship – $85 plus domestic shipping. Click here to order.

SORRY. We sold out in two hours.

These hammers might sell out quickly (they might not). So two words of advice:

  1. If you want one, don’t wait.
  2. Just because you put it in your shopping cart does not mean it is yours. We have had some customers put a hammer in their shopping cart and then leave the website for a couple days. When they came back, they could not check out. Then they wrote a Nastygram to poor John and Meghan Bates. Products are removed from our inventory when you check out – not when you put it in your cart.


And yes, we’re working our butts off on scrapers today as well.


— Christopher Schwarz

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Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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12 Responses to Lump Hammers are SOLD OUT

  1. Mike Ramsey says:

    I need a BFH right now but I am pissed I missed out on the first batch scrapers.


  2. Bill Edwards says:

    Wow. Looks like you will be kept busy.


  3. the Rusted TinMan says:

    I am SO, glad I bought these,… in a much earlier batch, than today. I know how quickly they sell’

    YOU and your mates at Crucible Tool make really good stuff !
    Any dividers in the pipeline??


  4. brendangaffney says:

    Uff! Back to the grind, literally!

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  5. johncashman73 says:

    Come on, you have to admit — this is starting to get pretty funny.


    • Hadden says:

      I’d been monitoring since late last week (about 4 times a day), because he’d mentioned they might be available this week. I see this and yes, I just laughed.


    • I find this both funny and heartening. It’s great to see that people are snapping these up, and it’s great to see that Crucible isn’t ratcheting up prices in response to the supply/demand imbalance. It’s also funny to see how every effort to make this an “available in stock” item seems to be insufficient. A good problem to have, I guess!


    • tsstahl says:

      Ya know, if I bend my Crucible scraper just right, and tap it with my Crucible hammer, it makes the most mournful soul touching wail. 🙂

      (No, I don’t actually have all the Crucible stuff; just couldn’t resist adding to the humor, albeit the dark side).


  6. Rick says:

    These lump hammers must turn people into Thor that’s why they’re selling so fast. 😀


  7. thospenner says:

    Must have been my lucky day! Was watching this video I just stumbled into his “stream”, the work he does and his presentation is a BLAST. Then I check my email see a post from LAP about the hammers, and, do I trust my browser?!?, they are IN STOCK. Got so excited I bought two holdfasts and the curves. Now I have to shuffle off and wait for the scrapers, at least I can beat on something while I wait.


  8. John Hippe says:

    I count myself lucky. While laying in my sick bed feeling sorry for myself, I randomly checked my email and saw the lump hammers were in stock. Quickly bought one! Got the scraper last week — great tool. Now with the lump hammer I know that all my woodworking woes are in the past. All is right with the world…


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