Crucible Scrapers (LOTS) Available Now


Megan Fitzpatrick and I have spent the last couple days getting a huge batch of Crucible Card Scrapers finished and packaged up. And today we sent off nearly 700 of them to the warehouse.

I’d like to thank everyone in our supply chain – from the waterjet cutter to our machine shop to our magnet vendor – for busting hump to get these done. But mostly I’d like to thank Megan for helping me plow through QC, assembly and packaging today.

We think these scrapers are the cat’s pajamas. They are easy to sharpen and require little thumb pressure to produce beautiful shavings.


Note that the logo applied to the scrapers is a repositionable magnet and not a sticker. Hence they are a little crooked and off-center. You can satisfy your OCD to the max as the magnets are a precisely shrunk shape from my CAD drawings of the scraper.

Anyway, they are available now for shipment – $20 plus domestic shipping. You can read all about them (and how to sharpen them) here.

— Christopher Schwarz

P.S. Brendan Gaffney is working on a huge batch of lump hammers that we hope to finish next week. Details, as always, on our Instagram account.


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25 Responses to Crucible Scrapers (LOTS) Available Now

  1. Nicholas McNeely says:

    I don’t mean to pry too deeply into personnel matters, but I don’t think I’ve heard Raney’s name mentioned recently. Is he okay?


  2. Garth D. Gray says:

    May I ask why you can’t, or won’t ship to Canada? I would like to order one of these but your website order form will not let me.

    Thanks, Garth


  3. johncashman73 says:

    The stickers are proportional in size to the scrapers — when new. As the scrapers are sharpened, the magnets will grow closer to the long edges, and appear further from the short ends. Did you even take this gradual lessening of proportionality into account?

    I didn’t think so.


  4. Joseph Newman says:

    Can I pick one up on Saturday?

    Sent from my iPhone



    • Hi Joseph,

      For now we are sending all the stock to our Indianapolis warehouse to fulfill that demand. After we get that filled, we’ll carry it at the storefront. So I’m afraid that no, we don’t have any at the storefront yet.


  5. Pablo says:

    Glad to know, pbrobablie……ground blade to even it up lol…


  6. John Preber says:

    Thank you for making these available again. I thought we would have to go a few months. We appreciate your hard work. Cheers!


  7. hiscarpentry says:

    Is it just me or does that last photo look suspicious…


  8. John L says:

    I saw in an earlier post that you were including the magnet to help with the heat generated by scraping. Does the magnet act as a heat sink or and insulator? I guess I’m a little confused about how it works.


  9. ajgodet says:

    tried these out tonight on some stubborn maple…worked like a dream. opened envelope, three passes with the burnisher on each edge, best shavings I’ve ever gotten from a scraper…sorry Lie-Nielsen scrapers…you might be a glue drip duty for a while…

    John L: Magnet insulates fingers from the heat, BTW


  10. charleseflynn says:

    Thanks for mentioning in the product description at Crucible Tools that you used a water jet. I had wondered how so many scrapers could be made so quickly. Yesterday, I came across this image showing flashlight pocket clips cut by water jet:

    If you decide to switch to something more dramatic:

    Video (1 min. 41 sec.) at .


  11. Clinton Casteller says:

    Are there my plans to have these sold in the UK through one of the local retailers?


  12. Lex says:

    I figured while I was there I might as well order a set of design curves too. Excited about the scraper. Now that i’m proficient in prepping them, I find myself reaching for one regularly. Not often in this hobby that you can pick up an extremely high quality version of a tool for $20.


  13. Hadden says:

    You guys are doing it right. I appreciate your approach to growth. Sad that it seems so odd and backwards these days. I’l get my lump hammer one day, by god.


  14. Great! Now I have to call my rectangular scrapers “rabbeting scrapers” so they’ll still feel special.


  15. Tyler B. says:

    I received my scraper today. I’m refinishing a table top that is not exactly flat, and I don’t really want to plane the whole thing. The curved shape of this scraper works surprisingly well for contacting every little bit of the surface.


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