Almost Out of Stickers


Madeline reports she is almost out of the latest batch of stickers. They’re $7 for a set of three and are available from her etsy store (she ships worldwide).

Your sticker dollars go to supporting Madeline’s wack-doodle cat, named Chickpea, who insists on unraveling and eating articles of clothing (among other things). I think Madeline is purchasing a variety of calming fluids and cat treats to soothe the savage Pea….

This grouping of stickers is a fun batch. We have the “Rest for the Weary” sticker that features a silhouette of one of the chairs I copied from St Fagans National Museum of Wales. There’s a “#NeverSponsored” sticker that proclaims your independence from sponsorship – it felt great to paste that one over the brand names on my machines. And there’s our Chester Cornett sticker that features the sales slogan from his workshop’s sign. Translation: “We Make Anything or it Can’t Be Made.”

Check them out before they’re gone.

— Christopher Schwarz

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8 Responses to Almost Out of Stickers

  1. johncashman73 says:

    Chickpea thinks she’s better than the rest of us, doesn’t she.


  2. It looks like there’s a space between “#never” and “sponsored” on the actual #neversponsored sticker… sort of makes it ineffective as an actual hashtag.

    Chickpea looks absolutely adorable. I bet she gets away with unraveling a lot. I know Izzy gets away with way more than she should just based on her cute eyes alone.


  3. mrbuddha1950 says:

    Sign me up for calming fluids!

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  4. Fred Beck says:

    patiently waiting for you to sell out of stickers so I can be angry

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