Megan Fitzpatrick on The Highland Woodworker

Charles Brock of The Highland Woodworker sat down with Megan Fitzpatrick recently to talk about how she went from a scholar of literature to become a woodworker, editor and publisher.

In the segment, Brock gets Megan to explain how she got started in the craft, and during the piece she shows off her first project from summer camp, plus many of the big Shaker-style pieces that adorn her home in Northside. She also talks about gender in the craft (and how she wants it to become a non-issue) and her books with Rude Mechanicals Press.

It’s a good story – one she doesn’t talk about very often. And it helps show that simply being fearless and determined in woodworking can carry you a long way.

Check out the segment above. Have your dictionary handy.

— Christopher Schwarz

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8 Responses to Megan Fitzpatrick on The Highland Woodworker

  1. Diana Henderson says:

    I saw the Woodworker episode yesterday…enjoyed it very much. Love seeing the restoration job you are doing on your house…kinda miss your essays about your restoration efforts. I am looking forward to the books from Rude Mechanics.


  2. T R Scott says:

    Gender, an issue in woodworking? The real issue is the lack of women for men to fall in love with for a life’s partner or just encourage or tolerate the hands on things men love to do. I remember reading one arrival about a couple who do high end woodworking. I was jealousy. Then there is the one could in Tennessee who do airplanes and put a jet engin in a two place rear wind canard easy. If there is a problem it isn’t cause by males. There are more guys who can sew than women who can paint a room correctly. Oh that’s the problem we value prep over smearing on paint. That’s not fair.


      • Jared C says:

        Laura, if you’re confused, I’ll spell it out for you…
        He read an arrival, and he was jealousy. Problem not cause by males.
        I don’t see what’s so tough to understand.
        …This isn’t jet engin science 🙂


    • jpbturbo says:

      Dude, it’s not a woman’s job to be available for you to fall in love with her. Whatever else might be the issue, that’s not it.


  3. Jim shupert says:

    You guys do lots of shows on Woodworkers and that is really great but how about the guys who really make the Woodworkers great and that’s the sharpening guys I know of one shop in Dayton Ohio shupert & Sons the sharpening shop these guys are fantastic when it comes to sharpening they know how to sharpen the old school tool very very well as well as all the new modern gadgets and gizmos special router bits shaper hands molding cutters these guys can sharp at anything with a cutting edge


  4. Just watched the interview. I loved it, great job. personal note: I remember back in the winter of 2009 bringing my wife Jan to met you at Pop Wood office. Our hearts go out to you, and your kitties (do you have more than one?) Jake


  5. Cordell Roy says:

    Bravo, Megan. Proud of you. You’re a hero to us all.


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