Psst. Wanna Lump Hammer?


We have them in stock here as of 7:45 p.m. Eastern. (SOLD OUT)

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14 Responses to Psst. Wanna Lump Hammer?

  1. Daniel Williamson says:

    I finally got to it on time!

  2. Its really nice…👏

  3. Lawrence Lancaster says:

    Well, again, by the time i receive the email that the hammer is available, they are sold out. Help

    • Matthew Cohn says:

      What I did was subscribe to the blog. That way whenever there’s a new post you’ll get an email about it. I happened to be at my desk when the post went up, and when I saw the alert I jumped on it immediately. Still requires a little bit of luck, but I think that’s your best bet.

  4. tsstahl says:

    “We have them in stock here as of 7:45 p.m. Eastern. (SOLD OUT)”

    Good problem for Crucible to have. Maybe I should start my shuffletool ‘net tool rental business with Crucible tools. 🙂

  5. Steve LeLaurin says:

    I was a fortunate one who got in on a previous lump hammer offer. I noticed the picture above has a Crucible logo on the handle, yet mine doesn’t have one. Does this difference signify any differences between the hammer generations?

    • They should all be marked. If yours is not, that’s a total fluke! Sorry.

      • stevelelaurin6420 says:

        Is the Crucible label a sticker covered by finish? Can you send me one and I’ll add it (I like the look)? I’ll be there in July for a class with Megan.

        • The stickers were an experiment that didn’t take root. Too glossy. I have a some at the storefront and would be happy to give you one during the class.

  6. Jerry says:

    Whats a “Lump-Hammer” and why would I want one?

  7. Daniel Williamson says:

    Mine also did not have the handle logo. I’m actually fine with that though. I like the stamp on the head.

  8. Daniel Williamson says:

    And by the way, holy sh*t this thing is amazing! I took I out of the box this morning and was disappointed. It seemed dainty and not worth the money. Didn’t seem well balanced and potentially not very useful.

    Took it to the bench and put it to work with holdfasts and hitting chisels for knocking out bridle joint waste. I can’t describe the shift that happened in my mind when actually using it, but suffice to say, I was floored by its stunning effectiveness. “It’s just a hammer,” my mind kept telling me. But my hands told a different story. Brilliant.

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