Last-minute Class Openings at LAP

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ShakerCabWe had cancellations in two fast-approaching classes, and thus have two last-minute slots available – one in my March 16-17 Shaker Hanging Cabinet class, and one in Andy Glenn’s March 23-24 Post-and-rung Stool class. Plus, there is bench space available in Brendan Gaffney’s March 30-31 Hoj Footstool class.

And I’m fervently hoping a few more people sign up for my July 20-21 Four Hand Tool Corner Joints class at Lie-Nielsen Toolworks, and June 24-28 Dutch Tool Chest class at the gorgeous Port Townsend School of Woodworking – I can’t think of two nicer places to spend a few days (for both me and the students)!


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2 Responses to Last-minute Class Openings at LAP

  1. jim44444 says:

    I was thinking of enrolling in the Four Hand Tool Joints class until I realized it was in Maine. Twelve and a half hour drive is a bit much. Hopefully something closer in the future.


  2. Daniel Williamson says:

    Really really want to sign up. Unfortunately, the timing and money situation aren’t aligning to do it this round. Best of luck filling up your classes!


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