Spoons, Chests & Sectors – 4 More Classes

We’ve added a few more classes for 2019, including a two-class visit from internationally known spoon carver JoJo Wood!

Click through the titles below to read more about each class. Registration will go live next Monday (Feb. 18, 2019) at 10 a.m.

Copy of jojospoonsrankinsmall

Intro to Spoon Carving with JoJo Wood – June 17
In this one-day class that’s suitable for beginning carvers, you’ll learn knife and axe skills, make a lot of woodchips and finish the day with a spoon that’s ready to use at home!


Eating Spoon Master Class with JoJo Wood – June 18-19
The perfect eating spoon should be a balance of smooth aesthetic, and function. It should feel great in both hand and mouth, carrying food comfortably without any spills. JoJo’s spoons are at the top of their game, performing exceptionally and looking beautiful. In this course she will teach her technique for bringing out the best spoon from each piece of wood, with all her tips and tricks from years of carving.


Build the “Anarchist’s Tool Chest” with Megan Fitzpatrick – Aug. 19-23
If you don’t like dovetails, this is not the class for you. If you’d like to learn dovetails (while you build a sturdy chest that holds about 50 hand tools…which is to say almost all the hand tools you need to build furniture), this is absolutely the class for you – you’ll get plenty of instruction and practice.

Build the Cabinetmaker’s Sector with Brendan Gaffney – Nov. 23-24
In this two-day class, students will build their own Cabinetmaker’s Sector, Brendan Gaffney’s modernized design for the ancient geometer’s tool, used for drawing, drafting and (in his shop) the layout of dimensions and joinery on woodwork. The class will revolve around the skills of modern hand-tool makers, including careful marking and measuring, mixing metal and wood, hand shaping, finishing and (of course) how to use the tool.

We also have some slots remaining in already announced classes – so check those out, too!

And as always, if you have questions about the classes, send me an email at covingtonmechanicals@gmail.com (not the Lost Art Press help email).

— Fitz

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Woodworker, writer, editor, teacher, ailurophile, Shakespearean. Will write for air-dried walnut.
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7 Responses to Spoons, Chests & Sectors – 4 More Classes

  1. jbakerrower says:

    Could I come a few days early and help/learn to prep the wood?

  2. Joshua Layne says:

    For the tool chest clas, do you have any sense of what the cost would be of shipping the completed box back across country (to CA) would be? I am assuming it will not fit in luggage… (not remotely looking for an exact number, just ballpark)


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