LAP Classes for July-Dec. 2019


We’ve a plethora of woodworking classes on offer for the second half of 2019 – most of them from visiting instructors (some from far, far away).

In most cases, classes are limited to six students (the number of benches we have available, plus one for the instructor) – so the instructor has plenty of time to pay attention to you…whether you want that or not!

The storefront (837 Willard St., Covington, Ky., 41011) is located just south of the Covington, Ky., MainStrasse entertainment district, in a safe neighborhood with lots of food and drink options, as well as accommodations at various price points, from inexpensive Air BnBs to an awfully nice hotel (that honestly isn’t pricey by most big-city standards), all within walking distance.

Registration opens at 10 a.m. Eastern on January 21 for the classes below (click through to each for a description). Registration is free on Eventbrite (and I strongly recommend signing up for the waitlist if you don’t get into the class you want – cancellations do happen). About three weeks after registration opens, I send each instructor his or her class list, and you are billed by the instructor (not by Lost Art Press or me – unless it’s my class, of course).

And as I’ve written before, this is not a woodworking school; it’s a woodworking shop in which some classes are taught. Christopher Schwarz runs not only the editorial side of Lost Art Press out of the space, but also his own furniture business, and he kindly allows both Brendan Gaffney and me to use the space for furniture work as well. The classes are a lot of fun…but they are also a lot of work – amidst the other work – which is to say that while we’ll still have some in 2020, we will not be able to have as many. So if there’s one you’re eyeing below, be ready at your computer on Jan. 21 at 10 a.m., and type quickly (they do tend to fill quickly).

If you’ve any questions, shoot me an email at (please do not send questions about classes to the LAP help desk).

French Polishing with Derek Jones (July 11-12)

Build a Sawbench with Megan Fitzpatrick (July 27-28)

Make a Carved Oak Box with Peter Follansbee (July 29-Aug. 2)

Build a Sack-Back Chair with Greg Pennington (Aug. 5-9)

Build an Etau, Benchcrafted’s Hi Vise, with Jameel Abraham (Sept. 6-7)

Build a Shaker Candle Stand with Will Myers (Oct. 5-6)

Build a Hanging Wall Cabinet with Anne “of all Trades” Briggs (Oct. 7-11)

Chip Carving with Daniel Clay (Oct. 19-20)

All About Moulding Planes with Matt Bickford (Oct. 26-27)

Greenwood Post-and-Rung Stool with Andy Glenn (Nov. 2-3)

Build a Jennie Alexander Chair with Ray Schwanenbeger (Nov. 4-8)

Build a Sawbench with Megan Fitzpatrick (Nov. 16-17)

Make a Carved Oak Box with Peter Follansbee (Dec. 9-13)

— Fitz

pennington copy

p.s. We might have a couple more 2019 classes to announce in the coming weeks…just waiting on a few details.

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  1. guadfly says:

    So, I’m trying to save money. This list of really great classes is not helping.


  2. What an incredible line up!


  3. Larry lancaster says:

    190115 email says lump hammers available, but upon selecting “lump Hammer” says sold out. help


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