Phase 2 of Willard Street Begins

Our youngest daughter graduates from high school in May and, if all goes as planned, Lucy and I will move house in July. From the leafy streets of Fort Mitchell, Ky., to the two floors above our storefront in Covington.

That’s not a lot of time. Not only do we have to fix up the living space in Covington, we have to get our house in Fort Mitchell ready to sell. As a result, I’m dedicating every Sunday possible to carpentry, painting and generally divesting us of accumulating stuff during 22 years in one place.

I won’t be blogging about this stuff much – I know you are here for woodworking, and I am, too. But as a result of this work, you might hear less from me on the blog and more from our other contributors (and a huge cheer went up in the land).

So here we go.

— Christopher Schwarz

The bar area when we bought the storefront four years ago. Just a reminder that we have come a long way.

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22 Responses to Phase 2 of Willard Street Begins

  1. hgordon4 says:

    You have come a long way with Willard Street. Congrats on fulfilling your vision!


  2. Michael Rogen says:

    Congratulations Chris, Lucy and most importantly, the kids!!!


  3. The shop looks great Chris, all the best in 2019 I am sure you will accomplish everything you need to do.. To your family and you I hope you have a great New Years and great 2019!!!!


  4. J.C. aka BLZeebub says:

    I am so jealous! The missus and I, pre-brood, checked out loft spaces in Atlanta and found several that would have been perfect for work-life-work existence. The first pregnancy sucked that right out of our collective unconscious. Now that we’re post-brood, we’re looking to move on as well. We’re looking into something more mountainous and bucolic where she can look after the next phase in her career and I can build a man-cave-barn-workshop-studio-darkroom-stay-the-hell-out-of-my-space kind of thing. Can’t wait. I bid you good fortune and success, mon ami.


  5. This is exciting but damm I will miss Fort Mitchell! I will not miss pushing books, machines, workbenches or coffins up that driveway.

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  6. Richard Mahler says:

    Be glad for 22 years; you should see what 45 years in one place can accomplish even without hoarder tendencies! My son and wife just bought a fine commercial building on the main street of a small, charming Virgina County seat nearby with the street level occupied by long term office rental which was remodeled in recent years in quality fashion; we have gutted the 2600 square feet of the second floor and are about to begin their contemporay design loft apartment with lots of open living space as soon as we have consulted with an architectural engineer on some particulars. With 17’ ceilings my son will have his office in a loft within a portion of the loft. It is our idea of fun!


  7. Jars Family says:

    I’ll have to do another road trip and come give you a hand!


  8. steverennells says:

    That’s a lotta clock in that last picture.


  9. So…. More glitter?


  10. johncashman73 says:

    I’d like to see progress on the new place. I’ve enjoyed Fitz’s posts on her home rehab. It’s all entertaining, and educating.


  11. Scott Nett says:

    Good luck, and I hope you’ll do a little construction blogging as time allows, I enjoy that as much as the woodworking!


  12. Eric from Dayton says:

    Odd that in the bar picture there is no reflection of you in the mirror. Are you a vampire or is it a magic mirror? The storefront looks much better now.


  13. Should have kept the bar. You could use it as a workbench during the day. And at night, Lost Art Karaoke.


  14. Joe says:

    Hi Chris,
    After 11 moves in 25 years as an adult I was happy to finally settle down with our 1 year old. We are at the other end with our daughter now in 1st grade. Is it difficult to move from a memory perspective of being in that one place for so long? All but the last two moves were without wife or child so it wasn’t that bad as no family memories. Not sure if that changes things.


  15. David says:

    An electric stove-top? Horrors!


  16. Matt says:

    I don’t know if everyone thinks it would be grand to live above a store front, but I do. A la bobs burgers, as long as I had garden space.


  17. Justin says:

    I enjoyed ripping that bar apart immensely! So seldom am I allowed to release the beast.

    I really wish you would blog about the remodeling as well. I love seeing livings spaces being reworked. Yes, I watch too much HGTV too, don’t judge me.


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