Caption Challenge and a Prize!

Yes, my darlings, we will have a prize for the best entry submitted for this Caption Challenge.

Sharpen your wits and enter** as many times as you wish. The Challenge ends on January 1, 2019 at 1500 hours in my time zone (North America EST).

I will select the winner and the two-pronged prize is a Lost Art Press bandana and a Chester Cornett button (pictured below) and Chris Schwarz will send these anywhere in the world.

**Use Comments to make your caption entry.

Suzanne Ellison

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239 Responses to Caption Challenge and a Prize!

  1. RIchard says:

    Our roots are under this roof.

    • Blue Wren says:

      You know “root” is the Australian euphemism for “doin’ the deed”? So, hat’s off to you!

  2. John Jarosz says:

    Here’s our new home. I can’t wait for it to grow so we have a penthouse view.

  3. Ira says:

    Obvious choice for a caption: Make America Great Again!

  4. Marc Butler says:

    Looks like it grew there!

    • Marta Brysha says:

      (It says that the competition closes on Jan 1 at 1500h. I’m in Australia and we’re ahead of you time-wise; it’s 9 am and there is no comment box available so I’ll have to put my entry in here as a reply (apologies Marc Butler).

      How is this “Frank Lloyd Wright inspired” Ronald? HOW?

  5. Keith says:

    You call that a tree house? This is a tree house!

  6. Keith says:

    We were trying to come up with a name for our new house, but we’re stumped.

  7. Scott says:

    What could have been a young couple’s home in the sky sadly became a lesson in measure twice, cut once.

  8. tymont12 says:

    “She said to ‘put down some roots,’ so here we are!”

  9. Keith says:

    The real estate agent said in 10 years, we’d have a second story.

  10. tymont12 says:

    …And Jack made a house out of that giant bean stalk once he chopped it down.

  11. Austin H says:

    Cozy one bedroom. This rustic fixer upper is perfect for a young family. Paint allowance included.

  12. bloksav says:

    I really like the smell of cedar in the mornings

  13. carl christensen says:

    Welcome to our re tree t.

  14. carl christensen says:

    We couldn’t name our house, we were both stumped.

  15. carl christensen says:

    We thought this is what they meant when our folks told us we needed to put down some roots.

  16. Austin H says:

    You know you’ve married a tree hugger when…

  17. Steve C says:

    Come inside Dear, I have something to show you.

  18. carl christensen says:

    It took longer to burn the rest of the tree than it took to make this fine house.

  19. A:Y:M says:

    Wait. Bespoke isn’t a thing anymore?

  20. Brian says:

    Oh Lucy!

  21. Brian says:

    Honey, I’m home WTF!

  22. Brian says:

    Home sweet STUMP?

  23. Jonathan Schneider says:

    Ultimate drainage.

  24. Brian says:

    I’ve heard of a tree house, but this is awesome!

  25. We went with an organic feel

  26. Scott says:

    But honey, a few coats of paint …

  27. Jon Hershey says:

    Home Sweet Gnome!

  28. @TheRainford says:

    There was a young couple who lived in a stump.
    They had so many children, they clearly like to hump.
    With only one room and only one bed,
    They should grow an addition as that tree isn’t dead.

  29. Rodger Lee says:

    So, this is what that dowry got me…

  30. Scott says:

    Home for sale. Previous owner (7 dwarfs) relocating to Orlando.

  31. Pevo says:

    I always wanted me a tree house, but the wife is askeered a’heights, hows this fer compermise!

  32. Charlie Smith says:

    House for sale…Solid wood construction.

  33. Andrew says:

    “Honey, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about this ‘green woodworking’ kick you’ve been on…”

  34. jerrysalishsea says:

    It seems small, but it’s bigger on the inside, and you should see the size of the root cellar.

  35. Jason in Golden says:

    Let the wolf *try* to blow this down!

  36. Charlie says:

    The first rule of building is to start with a good foundation.

  37. “Honey, did you say your got the plans for this home from Sears catalogue?”

  38. Mike Longo says:

    Get off my lawn!

  39. Hal Lander says:

    Tree for Two

  40. Bexley says:

    “Sam, get in here! Second breakfast is ready!”

  41. bustersci says:

    Keebler shortbread factory, circa 1914.

  42. jmwagle86 says:

    The couple didn’t live here long, they were tired of:
    “Does the house affect the ‘dog’s bark’ ?” jokes.

  43. Mark Stone says:

    A Unique Show of Commitment.

  44. charlesinsea says:

    Nice history of the house here:

    Sadly it was cut up in order to be “saved” and then was eventually destroyed.

  45. Cricket can become an obession.

  46. Swede Douglas says:

    And my Wife said it couldn’t be done.

  47. toolnut says:

    “Yeah it’s unique but If I knew how hard it would be to get rid of all the gosh darn elf glitter I never would have bought the place.”

  48. Mike says:

    Talk about putting down roots…

  49. Jon says:

    No we can’t have the Fire Marshall over for dinner.

  50. James says:

    Northwestern Gothic

  51. Marcel Corbeil says:

    And people thought Old Mother Hubbard was something.

  52. Ronnie Kotler says:

    Waiting for Bear Rabit!

  53. toolnut says:

    The market for cedar stump houses collapses shortly after the invention of the cedar closet.

  54. Mike Longo says:

    Don’t worry honey. It’s just another wise guy asking if this is the Keebler residence.

  55. Peter fabri says:

    Where do the wheels go?

  56. Steven Vlahos says:

    Stumps me why you wouldn’t want to live here!

  57. Steven Vlahos says:

    Crazy anarchist locks up insolent wife in worlds first bush toolchest.

  58. Steven Vlahos says:

    Our family tree.

  59. J.C. aka BLZeebub says:

    I build a man-cave and she takes it over as a garden shed, sheesh!

  60. J.C. aka BLZeebub says:

    Man, that woman can pass some gas!

  61. Loxmyth says:

    Now that’s recycled lumber.

    (Most of my better thoughts were already taken.)

  62. Brian says:

    Ti’s about time we put down roots!

  63. Matthew Groves says:

    “See-Dar, Milton? I told you it would keep the moths at bay.” “Yes, I cee-dear. You were right.”

  64. Brian says:

    Oops spelling goof.

    It’s about time we put down roots!

  65. J.C. aka BLZeebub says:

    And don’t come back without the milk!

  66. J.C. aka BLZeebub says:

    Is she still there? Help a guy out, will ya? Tell her how much you love the house so I can bug out for a pint.

  67. J.C. aka BLZeebub says:

    Swear to God if I hear one more wood joke, I’m going to choke the life out of myself.

  68. J.C. aka BLZeebub says:

    Her father told me he had build a house for us out of cedar. He’s a funny bastard, he is.

  69. J.C. aka BLZeebub says:

    It’s a fine house, comes with it’s own whiney wench. Whaddyasay, shall we start the paperwork?

  70. Ocirgi says:

    My planing is rather slow and deliberate…

  71. Rob Hoffman says:

    When George’s wife asked if they could move to a house in the woods, at first he was confused. As he chopped out his future home he reminded himself, “happy wife, happy life.”

  72. J.C. aka BLZeebub says:

    Don’t you lie to me, you’re not going to a funeral. Oh yes… I will be… and very soon too.

  73. Rob Hoffman says:

    Joneses: 1
    Moths: 0

  74. Rob Hoffman says:

    The house is a little rustic, but the schools are FANTASTIC.

  75. J.C. aka BLZeebub says:

    They call this recycling, dear. It’s all the rage.

  76. Rob Hoffman says:

    “Honey, you’ll love it! I saw it on Pinterest!”

  77. J.C. aka BLZeebub says:

    Trust me dear, southern Californians will buy anything. Wait till they see these. Cha-ching!

  78. J.C. aka BLZeebub says:

    Harold and Irene were perplexed by their first Air BnB experience.

  79. Keith says:

    But honey, John Muir said, “Going to the woods is going home.”

  80. Eric Kuehne says:

    Would you like a tour of the root cellar?

  81. J.C. aka BLZeebub says:

    Trust me, there are no moths in here. Just a couple of idiots. What did you say? Nothing, dear.

  82. J.C. aka BLZeebub says:

    I’m headed out for a pack and a pint. Can I bring you anything? A hatchet! Very funny, dear.

  83. Joe M says:

    Home is where the heartwood is.

  84. Jim Tolpin says:

    Forest Stump

  85. Mike says:

    immobile home

  86. Joshua Groes says:

    It’ll grow on you!

  87. davevaness says:

    I really want to make an entry but I’m stumped!

  88. gdblake00 says:

    Nice to see a young couple putting down roots.

  89. occasionalww says:

    Home grown (groan) home.

  90. davevaness says:

    Going back to the family farm to find my roots

  91. erikhinkston says:

    Upon reflection, Ma and Pa started their marriage out on a limb… It was only later they realized there were limitations to expansion of the floor plan.

  92. Mike says:

    You should see the root cellar!

  93. julienhardy says:

    Tree house.

  94. Roger Benton says:

    With his latest bunglalo Tristan explores a more organic theme…

  95. The divorce was amicable.

  96. Dennis Wright says:

    Two Stump Nuts

  97. Ryan says:

    “Edward!?!?….. You used the rest of this tree to just build this shitty roof?!”

  98. Gregg Geerdes says:

    No prefab house for us. We went with stick built instead

  99. robmelby says:

    Cedar is the new vinyl

    Sent from my iPhone

  100. John says:

    “Are you men from the bank? I nicked the census man last week”.

  101. David Olson says:

    Lost Art Press to release latest book, “Make a House From a Stump”

  102. johncashman73 says:

    I got nuthin’.

  103. The intersection between her desire for a log house and his laziness.

  104. toolnut says:

    “Laugh it up but I’m saving a fortune in mothballs.”

  105. Clay McVay says:

    1 Cedar
    Seattle, WA 98101

  106. tman02 says:

    It’s so compact honey, EVERYTHING is right at our finger tips!

  107. Bob Brown says:

    “Man leaves woman in trunk”!

  108. Pevo says:

    The Doctor was getting a little tired of the Police Call Box look for the TARDIS and thought “Shabby Chic”, that’s what I need!

  109. ctdahle says:

    “Make a House from a Tree” is the long-awaited follow-up to “Make a Joint Stool from a Tree,” and “Make a Chair from a Tree.” This new book – “Make a House from a Tree” – a brilliantly written collaboration of Follansbee, Hiller, Fitzpatrick, and Underhill, is sure to give a new generation of house joiners a fuller understanding of how homes can and should be made with hand tools.

  110. Rudy Everts says:

    The Frau makes the decisions

  111. Rudy Everts says:

    It‘s all uphill from here

  112. Rudy Everts says:

    This was fun but next time let‘s just carve a spoon

  113. hiscarpentry says:

    She said she wanted a log home.

  114. Joe Newman says:

    I won this big stump in a house of cards game, but it was a hollow victory.

  115. Dave Arends says:

    Lost the shoe in the ‘08, good thing the kids are grown.

  116. Jeremy D says:

    After spending all our savings on a “rustic chic” wedding, I assumed this would be considered living the dream!

  117. Al says:

    Young couple stumped by housing market

    Cut down and built up

    Make your joint from a tree and fill it with stool(s)

  118. Steve Starley says:

    And here we see the start or the Tiny House craze.

  119. David Wheat says:

    The Tree House perfected

  120. Al says:

    Couple goes out on a limb and gets stumped

    Home Builders Monthly, Septiiimmmmber

  121. Johnathan says:

    The Insurance company agreed to replace the canopy, but only with one approved by local building codes; with proper venting and flue clearances. The homeowners were not pleased.

  122. Will Myers says:

    Hillbilly Modern

  123. Al says:

    One young couple living in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

  124. Bob Brown says:

    “Secret headquarters of Fine Home Building finally discovered”!

  125. Bob Brown says:

    Clinch nails not required.

  126. tsstahl says:

    Just scratch the wall a bit when the smell of elf gets too strong.

  127. Matt R says:

    I was gonna make a chair but it kinda got away from me

  128. Bob Brown says:

    The neighbours were somewhat chagrined to learn that the pipe seen projecting from the roof was not a chimney but in fact a discharge tube from the owners illegally installed nuclear powered Port-A-Potti.

  129. Samuel Holland says:

    “Why would I have asked for a tree bedroom house? It makes no sense!”

    “Oh three, Sorry dear (wait til the guys hear about this)”

  130. Fancy Lad Woodworking says:

    “Should have used a realtor”

  131. Dale Marion says:

    I tried to tell her, a shoe would have been more practical.

  132. Matthew Mizner says:

    When you build a home, with the straightest stock, from the local home store…

  133. Fun fact: At the first In-N-Out, the burgers were made with Spotted Owl.

  134. immltasbi says:

    Lets cut a tree, to make a home. A branch for spoones an other fot the plates. The trunk for a table and a set of chairs, windsor sould be fine. The rest to make a living. The stump with roots that hold together, house for years to go.

  135. gregla2 says:

    Well My dear, I did promise you a walk in cedar closet…

  136. southernwill says:

    We see your stump chair, and raise you.

  137. John says:

    Would we be the same one day?

  138. Steven Vlahos says:

    The little house IN the woods

  139. Barry MacDonald says:

    @anneofalltrades should teach these fellow Seatlites how to smile.

  140. johncashman73 says:

    A young couple lived in a tree
    She stumped for a hump to make three
    He said, “What the hell”
    Her passions he’d quell
    Those Lennstroms are quite busy bees

  141. Joe U says:

    No, no, really….just stand there while I take your picture!…Trust me, in 100 years people will be trying desperately to win a major award while praising the work you did from the comfort of their own stump!…..Ok, Got it!..see you later you crazy trendsetters!

  142. Paul Hawkinson says:

    The young man has stated, “As the son of an old woman that lived in a shoe, I find the aromatic atmosphere of the cedar much more pleasant.”

  143. Klaus N. Skrudland says:

    After Mary convinced him to move into the tree house, John didn’t talk much. Sometimes he just stood in the door for hours and stared out into the woods.

  144. rongur says:

    There was a young family on a budget
    Their home they couldn’t afford to judge it
    They’ll live in a tree
    Just he and she
    And the kids will have to fudge it.

  145. Jim Hall says:

    Y’all come back ya hear.

  146. Adam says:

    I don’t know what’s wrong Doc. But ever since Frodo came home he just stares out the window and says “precious”.

  147. Jonathan Schneider says:

    Downside: the end grain floor sucks damn much oil. But if you drop a bottle of wine it’s 1,2,3 gone

  148. Mr. and Mrs. Follansbee in their first home, c. 1907. Here, years later, young Peter would grow in age, wisdom, and favor, under the tutelage of his loving great-grandparents.

  149. cmtasch says:

    We wanted a house that would grow with our family

  150. Jon E. says:

    Home is where the heartwood is.

  151. Brian says:

    But darling, it’ll grow on you.

  152. alexpacin says:

    Before becoming a private residence, this building was used as a public space where local political candidates would gather to deliver stump speeches to area residents.

  153. David Suggs says:

    The roots of the “tiny house” trend.

  154. fpstane says:

    “Shacked up” in a Stump

  155. Dan Moriarity says:

    “See honey, I told you, that new saw just about paid for itself…now we’ve got a house & enough firewood to last a lifetime.”

  156. liketheroom says:

    “Not pictured were the elves that made their cookie empire possible.”

  157. liketheroom says:

    Despite Luther’s claims to have measured twice before cutting once, Edwina was suspicious of their roofs height preventing the addition of a mother in law suite.

  158. Eric R says:

    Man, I want to enter this contest, but I’m cracking up reading some of these entry’s.

  159. Bob Brown says:

    “Don’t comeback without a couple of pallets so you can make me some of that fine Campaign Furniture I’ve been reading about”.

  160. Jeff Simpson says:

    LOOK WE MADE A TINY HOUSE yes we had to cut down a humongous tree and no we can’t drive it to sxsw BUT STILL

  161. Joe Newman says:

    The Underhill Family Tree.

  162. Dave says:

    wey make ur hows ahhom are heit cant B mad

  163. Ruth W. says:

    “Mom! Dad!”

  164. JustAnotherDave says:

    The neighbours thought we were nuts…fortunately, the squirrels didn’t.

  165. Bob Brown says:

    “Oh sweetie, I thought I was getting a patio door”.

  166. Justim says:

    It’s not just the Neighborhood who was stumped….

  167. Keith says:

    I know you are not real fond of it now, honey, but it will grow on you.4

  168. Joshua Bush says:

    Wey ruf ineythin are heit cant b rufed

  169. Scott Maurer says:

    Young couple stumped for affordable housing finds solution that cuts against the grain.

  170. Make a House from a Tree.

  171. George Huston says:

    location, location, location

  172. tman02 says:

    Are you kidding me? This window has no curtains!

  173. Jeff says:

    Shitter’s Full!

  174. Jeff says:

    LEED Certified since 1907.

  175. MikeC says:

    House for Sale: Offers less than $1.8 million will not be considered.

  176. Mark Modic says:

    and mom you said I could do better!

    Sent from my iPad


  177. Donald Jr says:

    Hopefully we can get to the root of the problem.

  178. Donald Jr says:

    Did the Home Inspector certify the woodstove?

  179. Donald Jr says:

    What, your family’s staying HOW LONG??

  180. Bruno Luecking says:

    My tree is my castle!

  181. Sten Johansen says:

    The front page of the « Lazy Woodworker Magazine»

  182. Rommel Wells says:

    And from that day forth, Emma Lebenbaum never darned another moth hole in the family woolens.

  183. frpaulas says:

    “All I can say is, ‘I got a great deal on rough sawn off cuts.'”

  184. Ryan says:

    Look Ma, a tree house

  185. edfurlong says:

    Upcoming Lost Art Press Release: “With Chisel and Mallet in Hand: 3,437 Artisanal Hours to a New House, New Life, and a New Wife”

  186. Bill Splawn says:


  187. Bob Brown says:

    “If you’re not in bed by 11, you better come home”.

  188. Pascal Teste says:

    The construction of this house was proudly sponsored by the American Wood Council.

  189. Pascal Teste says:

    Hi neighbour, better put some gutters on before the nine months long rain season starts.

  190. Pascal Teste says:

    Another DIY couple.

  191. Bob Brown says:

    “I don’t care if you used SketchUp. You put the window way too high!”

  192. Pascal Teste says:

    Cèdre de Chanel

  193. Gerald Hasty says:

    “From Stump to Shoe”, the saga of the little old lady and dedicated to her late LOVING husband. Available soon for Lost Art Press.

  194. Gerald Hasty says:

    “From Stump to Shoe”, the saga of the little old lady and dedicated to her late LOVING husband. Available soon from Lost Art Press.

  195. Matt says:

    When Peter, Peter ran out of pumpkins…

  196. Dave says:

    Home and shop….It was either this or the ridiculous storefront in Covington where the streetwalkers hung out…. Lucy had final say.

  197. Dave says:

    That’s right … my name is Kiebler! Elvis Kiebler…. And yes my wife makes a damn fine cookie but I don’t know what the hell else you’re talking about?

  198. Bob Brown says:

    “Elmer, I can’t allow you to build a wood shop in our home. What will the neighbours think?”

  199. Bob Brown says:

    With ram-rod straight back and chest all puffed up he strode into the Wood Workers Gala sporting a LAP scarf, a Chester Cornett button and a LAP Chore Coat! The glitzy room became hushed. The throngs moved back to the drapery lined walls. In unison they bowed their heads. The crowd acknowledged they were in the presence of………
    (Oh my gosh. This sounds so needy.)

  200. Matt says:

    Wood you believe this is the first example of Stick Style Architecture?

  201. Al says:

    It has been said that in the early days, Seattle put sawdust onto its streets to prevent its residents from drowning in the mud. Although this was unsuccessful ( residents still had to resort to wearing life preservers ), and in fact made the situation worse, it was not known where the great quantity of sawdust came from. That mystery has today been solved. Pictured is the home of Mr and Mrs Woodchuckington where experts estimate up to ninety percent of the sawdust came from.

    As an interesting side note, after having completed his home, Mr Woodchuckington took a job as a cabinetmaker downtown. It is not known what became of Him or the Misses after the great Seattle fire, but his tool kit has recently surfaced, missing its glue pot….

    • Al says:

      Forgot to cite my source
      1.) Woodjockys forum
      4.) Seattle Society of Events, cronological rearrangment department

  202. Bruce Folliott says:

    Man of cloth “concedars” dalliance with the widdder!

  203. Jake says:

    Cedar for sale or rent; rooms to let fifty cents!

  204. Tony Schonfeld says:

    We found it on BearB’n’B…………

  205. Barry MacDonald says:

    Stump Towers

  206. Dustin Lee says:

    Reticent, Fritz had made his decision. The ridiculed house had only driven them apart. Having finally amassed enough wedges, it was time for a clean split.

  207. Joseph Erthal says:

    Sam, Can we please get that outhouse installed in 2019? I’m tired of all the neighbors making “they take a dump in the stump” jokes.

  208. Joseph Erthal says:

    For sale: Feast your eyes on this beautiful starter home featuring handcut mouldings, IKEA cabinetry, granite countertops, and 1 recently replaced Anderson Window. Come start your new fairy tale today.

  209. Theodore says:

    The serious lumberjack brings his work home.

  210. Theodore says:

    “I just can’t stand to see off-cut go to waste.”

  211. wsgilliam says:

    “The young couple, both raised in frugality with an air of austerity, could see the value in such a dwelling, but never figured out why their pet moths would not thrive.”

  212. David Olson says:

    Local couple move into immovable object after last home destroyed by tornado.

  213. David Olson says:

    Local couple move into the only thing left after thermonuclear blast.

  214. yellowstonefibers says:

    Good comments, everyone. We need to let the Keebler company know that their elven cookie baker campaign is a success for being so deeply embedded in our brains all these years later.

    I brainstormed with my family to get as many takes as possible. Here are my favorites, in no particular order.

    1) Roommate wanted. Must be non-smoker.
    2) Location, location, location.
    3) From this angle, you can’t see the koi pond.
    4) From the BBC archives: TARDIS designs that failed in focus groups.
    5) We alternate days outside.
    6) Sure, but the bidet makes it worthwhile.
    7) You wouldn’t believe the mess the elves left behind. (Sorry, couldn’t help myself)

  215. yellowstonefibers says:

    Brainstormed with my family to get as many different takes as possible. Here are my favorites, in no particular order:

    1) Roommate wanted. Must be non-smoker.
    2) We alternate days outside.
    3) From this angle, you can’t see the koi pond.
    4) From the BBC archives: TARDIS designs that failed in focus groups.
    5) Sure, but the bidet makes it worthwhile.
    6) You wouldn’t believe the mess the elves left behind. (Sorry, couldn’t help myself. Props to the Keebler company for creating such iconic marketing for their cookies that it’s still embedded in our brains decades later.)

  216. Mark says:

    When you love tree houses, but hate heights.

  217. Al says:

    When you shake the cedar for the shingles and get a house instead

  218. Al says:

    The acoustics are amazing,I’ll get my banjo and show you

  219. Bob Brown says:

    With 8 young ones and another on the way, Mrs. Festoolinsky prefers to stay home.

  220. Joseph erthal says:

    Low and behold, this here is no bird feeder, but instead a house made entirely of cedar!

  221. Joseph erthal says:

    ***Carpenter sinks final nail into his house of wood and then sits back and relaxes. The carpentar looks around and fear overcomes him as he realize the house was built in a woodpecker’s colony and NOT a hammer factory he initially thought.

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