Vote for the Next Stickers

nothing without labor2We’ve created a poll that will allow you to vote for which stickers we should reprint. The poll is open now and will close at midnight on Dec. 31, 2018.

You can vote for as many stickers as you like. After you have clicked on all your favorites, you must click the “vote” button at the bottom of the page for your vote to be recorded.

To take the poll, click here.

Thanks for letting us know!

— Christopher Schwarz


About Lost Art Press

Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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13 Responses to Vote for the Next Stickers

  1. Mitch Wilson says:

    You’ll need a DeLorean if you are going to get your vote in on time.

  2. James Watriss says:

    I’d like to open up a request for ‘sharpen this’ as a T-shirt.

    Just sayin.

  3. rwyoung says:

    OK, so I’m a little disappointed I can’t vote to have a sticker made of the ad that appeared at the bottom of the page. “Diseases You May Have!” (Yes, my search history is a nightmare but wow!)

  4. I’m saving myself for book marks.

  5. Aert Pietersz says:

    Fancy Lad, all the way.

  6. Erik Pearson says:

    I voted early and often.

  7. wilburpan says:

    Any chance for a complete run of stickers?

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