Sticker News: More on the Way!

Madeline’s last batch of stickers sold out so fast it made her head spin. That batch is out in the mail now, and we have ordered a second batch (same designs) that will arrive shortly.

So if you would like a set of these stickers, order them now from her Etsy store. If you order this week, there’s a very good chance they will arrive before Christmas – though we have no sway over the USPS mail carriers.

The good news: She ships these things worldwide. The bad news: She had to increase the price of a set by $1 because Etsy has increased its listing fees. Sorry about that.

Maybe I’ll even get a set of these (that’s how fast they sold out).

— Christopher Schwarz

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10 Responses to Sticker News: More on the Way!

  1. Dammit, I don’t even like stickers, but I buy yours every… single… time.


  2. Jup says:

    I absolutely love these, especially the bee hive one.


  3. Kara Uhl says:

    Got ’em this time. Love these in particular. Thanks, Madeline!


  4. Andrew Davidson says:

    This is the best set since the Fancy Lad ones. I really want another Fancy Lad sticke Bespokus one. Maybe she can do a Best Of set later and make huge bank.


  5. James Russ says:

    Did the second batch sell out fast as well, or have they just not been listed. I was assuming given the wording around the etsy store link that you could go ahead and place the order for the second batch. But, given they list as sold I am hoping they have just not come in yet and thus the stock has not been updated.

    This is a great set. Hoping to snag a set …


  6. kaunfried says:

    What about a third batch?


  7. Hey Chris and Maddy! Great stickers! I own all of your sets in duplicate (with one set on my toolbox and another stashed back…) My problem is that my toolbox is getting very crowded – and I’m running out of space because of my poor arrangement skills. In the future, could you maybe offer your stickers in a regular and a small size? I’m thinking under 2″ for the small size. Just a thought!


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