Demonstrating at Fine Woodworking Live

I will be one of the demonstrators at Fine Woodworking Live on April 26-28, 2019, along with four other Lost Art Press authors – Christian Becksvoort, Matt Bickford, Peter Galbert and Nancy Hiller.

As you would expect from FWW, the roster of teachers is top-notch – check it out here. I am honored, humbled and entirely nervous about the whole thing. Will I be able to make eye contact? Will I inadvertently rub my nipples during my demonstration? Will Steve Latta call me out as a fraud?

I’ll be happy to discuss the topic of my class when it is announced. For now, however, mum is the word.

Surprise, it’s Fine Woodworking

I’m sure that some readers will be surprised that I’m signing on with Fine Woodworking. But to be honest, most of the woodworking press has hung together during the last couple decades. We were not in competition with each other as much as we were in competition with extinction.

Plus, I’ve always admired Fine Woodworking. It was the first woodworking magazine that I read back in 1993. And, also out of respect, we always tried to take Popular Woodworking in its own direction.

So will you start seeing my byline in Fine? I can’t say. I’ve been approached by several magazines about contributing to their pages. And I have not said “yes” to any of them. What I have said is that I don’t want to jump in bed immediately after leaving Popular Woodworking as a contributing editor (my tenure ends on Dec. 31). Also, I don’t think that my writing these days would suit an advertising-based magazine.

Some magazines (not FWW) have pressed me a bit. One magazine said: We are ready to try something really different. What ideas do you have?

I sent them a proposal for seven-part series I have been working on for many months about setting up a workshop. It’s good enough to be a book, but I think it should start as a magazine series. Here was their response.


So I suspect that my series will end up as a serial on the blog (such as “Sharpen This”) or a book. Stay tuned.

— Christopher Schwarz

About Lost Art Press

Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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30 Responses to Demonstrating at Fine Woodworking Live

  1. Charles Wiley says:

    Maybe Ted’s Woodworking Plans would like to have a workshop series . . .


  2. Steve C says:

    Well here’s 2 problems right off the bat……….LOL

    –Will I inadvertently rub my nipples during my demonstration?
    — Will Steve Latta call me out as a fraud?


  3. Ira says:

    I have subscribed to every woodworking magazine there is for the past ten years or so. My feeling is that you DO NOT need to publish in any of them to bolster your credentials. Your credentials are solid! Everyone who is serious about woodworking knows your name. So unless they’re going to pay you more money than you can in good conscience turn down, stick to your own publishing business and teaching classes, and avoid the headaches.


  4. Lawrence Wiesner says:

    Welcome aboard to FWW! I’ve subscribed to it and Wooden Boat since about 1976. Any publication that can survive for over 40 years in today’s environment must be doing something right.


  5. mike says:

    I thought it was cool that Asa has done an article or two for Pop Wood recently and that Nancy has always contributed to both publications. I hope you do write something for FWW, because diverse voices make these magazines work.


  6. Sam says:

    What about an ad-free woodworking magazine? 😉


    • An ad-free woodworking magazine, what a great idea! WOODSKILLS magazine was launched this past spring. 2 issues out so far. The premise is “ad-free” or largely ad free except for announcements by non-profit groups. Just sayin’


  7. WOODSKILLS says:

    An ad-free woodworking magazine, what a great idea! WOODSKILLS magazine was launched this past spring. 2 issues out so far. The premise is “ad-free” or largely ad free except for announcements by non-profit groups. Just sayin’


  8. johncashman73 says:

    Nice. I’m only about 45 minutes from Southbridge.
    I like ads. And crickets.

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  9. Al says:

    Always wanted to read a book about building and setting up a small shop. Actual shop layout and storage suggestions, not just page after page of useless crap/ stuff to buy. Title?Anarchist’s Cabin? Lol


  10. Pascal Teste says:

    I think you should do the book. Your books are excellent, and I personally would prefer to buy a book on setting up shop than a series of magazines. I also hope you continue with the black and white photography, it looks great!


  11. Edward Hopkins says:

    Write a book where you define craftsmanship.


  12. crwoodworks says:

    Be patient – when I was at FWW sometimes it would take us months to get back to an author on a submission. Perhaps they’ve cleaned up their act since then, I left in 1995, but if not there might still be hope. Personally I’d love to see your article in FWW but they had always been very reluctant to get involved in a series of articles. If you could break it down into a set of 7 different articles that could each stand on their own you’d have a better chance.


  13. Steve Vlahos says:

    Great to hear! Nice coup for FWW also. I might think about renewing my FWW membership now that the value proposition has further improved quite a bit. I was lucky enough to sit in on one of Steve Latta’s seminars here in Melbourne Australia recently. Clearly a great team being assembled.


  14. Steve Vlahos says:

    I’d value the definitive book also on setting up a small shop, and on the best type of machines to combine with hand tools and how to select brands need not be covered).


  15. WHerzog says:

    If the Magazine rejected the article series, then it was real good „anarchistic“ stuff! This sounds like a very promising content 🤗


  16. Jörg Sommer says:

    Great! FWW would be a great place for your articles.


  17. J.C. aka BLZeebub says:

    It was only a matter of time, mon ami. FWW is the benchmark for us woodbutchers. You’ll be in good company. And so will they. Congrats! May the Schwarz be with you… and tuck your shirt in… and get some beard oil… and tie your shoes…


  18. mike says:

    Perhaps the cricket people want something a little edgier, such as “Ultimate Cross Cut Sled”, “Perfect Dovetails Every Time”, or “Dead Flat Assembly Table”.


  19. There’s nothing to be nervous about… The bar has a decent tap list. 🍻
    (I assume that’s what you were nervous about, right?)


  20. Do the book, please. Nicer to have everything in one place for reference than trying to go back through a series of magazines or blog entries for that matter.
    And a lot easier to give as a gift, just sayin.


  21. KEVIN HEDIN says:

    Haha. Great post!


  22. Barry MacDonald says:

    Compile a book….
    Popular Woodworking: The Chris Schwarz Years Vols. I – IV


    • tsstahl says:

      Pretty sure F-in Dubya owns those.
      The good news is it will be discounted from the cover price of 99.95 to a 3.99 digital download for about 20 weeks a year. 🙂


  23. Sam says:

    I’ll look forward to the workshop info, I’ve been mulling it over in my head and making drawing. Really trying to decide the difference in needing a tool and therefore space for it and just wanting it .


  24. I’ve attended the past two FWW Live events and will attend in 2019. Looking forward to meeting you, Chris. It’s a terrific event.


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